Who Did Pedro Rivera Cheat On His Wife With?

A lot of Juana Ahumada’s admirers and followers made a huge issue out of the fact that Pedro Rivera, but lets see Who Did Pedro Rivera Cheat On His Wife With a well-known Mexican musician had married Pedro Ahumada. What exactly was the point of all of that commotion? Let’s find out…

Who Did Pedro Rivera Cheat On His Wife With?

Most people don’t experience fame and fortune until they become intimately connected with the lives of other celebrities. Juana Ahumada’s circumstance is comparable. After marrying Don Pedro Rivera, Juana became a prominent figure in the community.

The news that Pedro Rivera had tied the knot with a second wife infuriated many people because he had been married to his first wife, Rosa Saavedra, for more than four decades at the time of the disclosure. People started to wonder why the pair had decided to end their relationship after being together for such a protracted period of time.

On the other hand, many were interested in gaining additional knowledge about Juana Ahumada and gaining a glimpse of her appearance. Rivero finally put an end to the general population’s curiosity about his personal life in 2019 when he disclosed that he had been married to Juana Ahumada on the program Un Nuevo Dia.

Why he divorced Rosa Saavedra

Rosa Saavedra was Pedro’s first wife before he wed Juana. Before that, he was married to another woman. In 1963, the former couple took part in a wedding ceremony and exchanged vows. The couple moved to Long Beach, California, not long after getting married, and they ended up spending the rest of their lives in that city.

Their love endured the passage of time, and they have been together for close to forty years now. But alas, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so did the blissful state of their marriage.

Who Did Pedro Rivera Cheat On His Wife With:

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Around the middle of the 2000s, Pedro began engaging in a series of extramarital encounters for his own amusement. 2008 was the year that marked the beginning of the end for their marriage.

On the other hand, Juana did not have a spouse at any point in her life. She is entering into wedlock for the very first time.

Mother-In-Law To The Children Of Pedro Rose

Pedro became a father to a total of six children as a result of his union with Rose. He has four sons and two daughters. And once she wed Pedro, Juana was suddenly thrust into the role of stepmother to her new husband’s kids.

In terms of his offspring, he is the father of four sons: Juan Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr., Gustavo Rivera, and Lupillo Rivera. In addition, he is the father of two daughters: Rosie Rivera and the late singer Jenni Rivera.

In addition, Juana is the grandmother to Jenni’s children, Chiquis Rivera, Michael Marin, Jacqie Campos, Johnny Lopez, and Jenicka Lopez. Jenicka Lopez is the youngest of five grandchildren.

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Who is Juana Ahumada?

Prior to Juana Ahumada’s marriage to Pedro Rivera, she did not have much of a public profile. As a result of her marriage, she quickly rose to a prominent position in society. On the other side, Pedro Rivera is a businessman, singer, and songwriter in addition to being an actor.

Before she became Pedro Rivera’s wife, Juana Ahumada served as his personal secretary. Today, she is Pedro Rivera’s wife. There were rumours going about that the two of them were already having an affair behind Pedro’s first wife, Rosa Saavedra. Some of these stories were true.

Ahumada was born in the United States and raised there throughout his childhood. On the other hand, Pedro is a native of Mexico. He was born there. However, he moved to the United States when he was young and eventually made his home in Long Beach, California. This city is now his permanent place of residence.

Juana Ahumada hails from an affluent family, but Pedro comes from a family that is considered to be middle-class. She has a good education and is aware of how to maintain oneself looking young and current in the fashion world. However, it would appear that she is significantly younger than her husband.

When did Pedro Rivera and Juana Ahumaada get married?

She tied the knot with Pedro Rivera in the year 2019, in the city of Huntington Park, in the state of California. Before the couple got married, Juana had a job with him as his assistant for eight years. When the couple decided to get married in 2019, they did so in a low-key ceremony and didn’t make the news public. This shocked their fans.

Over the course of their working relationship, it evolved into a personal one, and as time went on, they grew closer to one another and even developed feelings for one another. After then, they began an intimate relationship that lasted for a number of years.

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