Who Is Ariana Biermann Dating? Is She Serious About Him?

Who Is Ariana Biermann Dating? Is She Serious About Him? Oh my my, how quickly they mature! The offspring of famous Real Housewives cast members have gone on to become supermodels, well-liked “mini voices of reason,” and influential figures on social media. Even their own parents can’t compete with the romantic success of these adolescents from reality TV. Fans of Bravo were overjoyed to hear that the young reality star had found love with the model Aaron Scott when Ariana Biermann, a former star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and a cast member of the current season of Don’t Be Tardy, made the announcement.

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Ariana was granted admission to Arizona State University in 2019, but her mother, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, still harbors the dream that the budding celebrity would one day settle down in Atlanta. In September of 2019, Kim posted a message on Instagram that read, “My dream: we all live on the same street forever.” Since Ariana is currently dating model and ex-cheerleader Aaron Scott, who is represented by an agency in Atlanta, the possibility that this may become at least partially true in the near future is significantly increased.

In The Words Of Aaron Scott And Ariana Biermann, They Are “Besties.”

Aaron Scott appears to be Ariana Biermann’s realization of the ideal high school romantic partner. According to Aaron’s Instagram, he is represented by Good Talent Management, which is situated in Atlanta. Ariana raved about her boyfriend to E! News, saying, “He is honestly one of the most incredible individuals that I’ve ever met.” “[He is] the closest friend I have.” Ariana stated in October 2020 that they had been dating for “many months” and were in a committed relationship. Even her big sis Brielle Biermann gives her stamp of approval. “I adore Aaron, and I think that he is incredible. He ticks off each and every one of the boxes on the list “In a similar manner, Brielle told E! News.

So, what can we tell you about Aaron based on what we know? To begin, he is the other half of a pair! Aaron’s twin brother Adam has also met Kim Biermann and her family, including her own set of twins, Kaila and Kane. Adam and Aaron are identical twins. If they do end up getting married, there’s a chance that they’ll have their own set of identical twins. It is very evident that Aaron plans to be with Ariana for the foreseeable future; on Valentine’s Day 2021, he even referred to her as the “greatest blessing.”

The pierced and tattooed hunk works as an underwear model, and he often appears with Adam, another model who is signed by the same Atlanta agency. It would appear that Aaron has no trouble finding a place among the picture-perfect Zolciak-Biermann family.

In The Words Of Aaron Scott And Ariana Biermann, They Are "Besties."
In The Words Of Aaron Scott And Ariana Biermann, They Are “Besties.”

The Relationship Between Ariana Biermann And Her Boyfriend Is Getting A Fresh Look

Recently, the daughter of Don’t Be Tardy shared some adorable pictures of herself and her boyfriend, Aaron. Ariana shared a series of her favorite photos from their idyllic beach day on March 7th via her Instagram account. As Ariana captioned the Instagram image, “Photo dump of me and my closest buddy,” it’s full of the duo kissing, hugging, and laughing together.

Brielle, Ariana’s older sister, appears to have given her sister’s “picture dump” a thumbs-up by commenting on the post and gushing about the couple. She wrote, “Cuties!!” To which Ariana replied: “I love you the most,” her lover added, “I love you so f—-king much.”

Aaron wrote a sweet Valentine’s Day essay on the couple’s romance, which included some beautiful images of the two of them dressing up for a date night.

“You have been my greatest blessing,” I tell you. As Aaron put it, “You are honestly the best buddy that I could have ever hoped for.” Please accept my sincere gratitude for being who you are. All the happiness, peace, and love you bring into my life is greatly appreciated. “I adore you with all of my heart and soul.”

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