Who Is Bunny Hedaya Husband: How Many Kids She Have?

American digital content producer Bunny Barbie is well-known worldwide. She has a large following on the app TikTok, where she is well known for posting movies. When she posted tasks, dances, and makeup tutorial videos, she caught people’s attention.

Since January 2020, Barbie has begun using TikTok. She has a large following on social media and is succeeding as a business owner. She promotes her own clothes line heavily on social media.

Who Is Bunny Hedaya Husband

Now that they are married, Bunny Barbie and Harry Hedaya are overjoyed. The pair has long supported one another, and their bond has grown over time.

According to rumors, Barbie and her husband had been friends since she was 23 years old. Later, they got married, but because Barbie didn’t want the world to know, there wasn’t much news about it. Aiden, a son who was born in 2017, is also one of their children.

Just so you know, Harry’s current wife Barbie and his ex-wife Carrie are excellent friends. We may also view some of their images on social media. Now, Barbie and Harry live happy lives. The duo is therefore succeeding at their jobs as well.

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Bunny Hedaya Net Worth

Bunny Barbie receives a hefty salary for her work. She possesses a wide range of talents, and her estimated net worth is in the six figures. According to some websites, Barbie is worth almost $2 million.

Bunny Hedaya Net Worth

Barbie owns a number of profitable businesses. She also makes the most of her money through endorsing businesses and selling clothing. According to The Influencer Marketing Hub, Barbie, who has over 165,000 followers on Instagram, could earn between $494.25 and $823.75 from a single paid post.

In addition, her husband Harry is succeeding at his job. He is a businessman who founded numerous companies. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been employed with Remac for the past six years. He has also worked for a variety of different businesses, which may have helped him keep a sizable sum of money.

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