Who is Cher Dating: How Alexander Met Cher During Fashion Week?

Cher is a famous American pop singer born in El Centro, California. Cherilyn will soon be 77 years old; her birthday is May 20, 1946. She was placed in foster care when her parents could no longer look after her. Later, she and Sonny Bono became famous as Sonny and Cher duo.

Many celebrities you admire are constantly in the spotlight because of rumors and scandals surrounding their romantic lives. Many people want to know if Cher is dating anyone and who her boyfriend is. We’re here to set the record straight about Cherilyn’s past and present romantic relationships.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Cher, including her love life, dating history, affairs, exes, and biography.

Who is Cher Dating?

Cher, 76, has confirmed her relationship with music producer Alexander Edwards, 36, via Twitter, and love is in the air for the music icon. She claimed that despite their age difference of 40 years, he treated her “like a Queen” and that she felt “loved” by him. When her fans demanded more information, the singer only gave them the “heart eye” emoji in return.

The three-year-old son of Edwards and his ex-girlfriend, model Amber Heard, is named Slash Electric Alexander Edwards. Edwards has made headlines in the past for cheating on Heard. Fans of Cher’s expressed their suspicions about Edwards’ true intentions, calling her naive. Aware of the criticism, the “If I Could Turn Back Time” star initially responded, “I’m in love, not blinded by it.”

Cher, however, appeared to grow weary of the attention on her personal life after she tweeted to a fan, “Haven’t you got anything else to do!” Let me explain… I don’t give an FK what anyone thinks,” she continued. The new couple made their debut on November 2 when they were seen holding hands outside of Craig’s in West Hollywood. The Paris Fashion Week encounter was their first meeting. Things appear to be moving quickly, as Cher also tweeted that “everyone in my family” has already met Edwards.

Cher appeared to hint at an impending proposal in December when she posted a photo of a ring with the caption “there r no words.” Despite her silence on the matter, the mysterious post has generated plenty of speculation among her followers. The singer has been married twice before. Her first marriage lasted 11 years, when she had her son Chaz Bono, now 53. Her son’s father, singer Sonny Bono, later divorced her.

After only 10 days of marriage, she divorced musician Gregg Allman, with whom she had her 46-year-old son, Elijah Blue. Despite the public’s disapproval of her new partner, Cher has finally found love and happiness. She tweeted, “One part of my life is so amazing,” the night before her date.

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Who is Alexander Edwards?

Alexander Edwards is a music executive who presently works for Def Jam Recordings, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. Def Jam Recordings is owned by Universal Music Group (UMG). ‘Def Jam Recordings’ has appointed him to Vice President of the Artists and Repertoire (A&R) division.

Who is Cher Dating

Alexander Edwards is responsible for monitoring the artistic growth of recording artists and songwriters in his role as Vice President of A&R at Def Jam Recordings. After he started dating the famous model and actress Amber Rose, he became increasingly dominant in the spotlight.

Alexander Edwards is well-known not only for his status as the boyfriend of Amber Rose but also for his popularity on various social media platforms. Additionally, he is one of the featured artists on the independent record label “Last Kings Records,” which was established by Tyga and Deezy.

How Alexander Met Cher During Fashion Week?

In September, during Paris Fashion Week, Edwards and Cher finally met each other for the first time. The recipient of the Grammy Award posed for photos with Tyga, a friend of AE’s, but the images weren’t shot together.

After that, photographs were taken of the three of them when they were out and about. Early in November, Cher and Edwards were captured in a shot together outside of the popular hangouts Craig’s and The Nice Guy in Los Angeles. Amber Rose and Alexander “AE” Edwards Have a Son Together Whom They Named “Slash.” Their name is Alexander Edwards.

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