Who Is Doja Cat Dating 2022? Is She Bisexual?

Who Is Doja Cat Dating 2022? Is She Bisexual? Even if a number of Doja Cat’s admirers are convinced that the pop diva is carrying on an affair with one of her fans, she has not yet made it public to “Say So” about the matter. The singer, who is known for her candor, is notoriously secretive about her sexual life, and she has been in only one romantic engagement that has been documented since she rose to fame. But this doesn’t mean that the person behind the successful song “Kiss Me More” isn’t thinking about love at all.

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In the year 2020, she gave an interview to XXL Magazine in which she said, “Being a Libra, I’m romantic, and I’m heart eyes all the time.” People say things like, “She never writes about anything but sex.”

Her songs frequently feature sexually explicit lyrics (she even had the album release party for her 2019 Hot Pink album at the Museum of Sex in New York City), but she told Paper Magazine that she makes an effort “not to be political.” She continued, “Like, I just love romance and sex. Because there is nothing “ism” about what I do, the record does not have a strong “ist” vibe to it.

Despite the fact that she announced her impending departure from the music industry via Twitter in March 2022, she is up for eight nominations at the upcoming 2022 Grammy Awards (which will be broadcast on Sunday, April 3, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET), including a nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album for her most recent studio album, Planet Her (Deluxe). It is not known whether Doja Cat (who was born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) is now in a relationship or has a boyfriend at this time. This raises the question of whether or not a significant other is the source of the inspiration for her famous songs. Continue reading to learn everything that we know about Doja Cat’s past relationships, as well as the rumors that she might be seeing someone new.

Does Doja Cat have a boyfriend? Who is Doja Cat dating?

It is unknown, however, that it is possible that the celebrity, who frequently engages in conversations with her followers via Instagram Live, may have inadvertently disclosed her relationship status during a broadcast in February 2022. Fans could hear a man’s voice saying “babe” somewhere in the background of the performance. Doja Cat hastily changed the camera position while telling the unknown man, “I’m on live.” Doja Cat was astonished to see the man. She abruptly ended the Livestream by saying “Ok, gotta go, bye” to the camera shortly thereafter. Although the name of the man is not widely known, it appears that Doja Cat may not be without a significant other.

Did Doja Cat date French Montana?

After working together on the song “Handstand” with another rapper named Saweetie, speculations began to circulate that the two were dating. However, Doja Cat swiftly put an end to the speculation. In October of 2020, she posted the following message on Twitter: “Me and French have a song coming out. F*** off and chill out.” Even though it appears that their work together was purely business, it also appears that they have maintained a friendship over the years; French Montana tweeted a photo with her in the Bahamas in January of 2022.

Did Doja Cat date French Montana
Did Doja Cat date French Montana

When Did Doja Cat And Johnny Utah Break Up?

Doja Cat went on Instagram Live after the breakup of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend to clarify that she and her ex are no longer together but are still on friendly terms. She said, “Don’t worry about a thing. I deleted my ex-account boyfriend’s from my follower list, and now everything is OK. We have been cool. There is nothing strange taking place. There isn’t any odd sh*t or drama going on. Things simply did not go as planned.”

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