Who Is Don Toliver Dating? Is He Dating Kali Uchis?

Who Is Don Toliver Dating? Is He Dating Kali Uchis? The music video for Kali Uchis and Don Toliver’s collaboration Drugs N Hella Melodies was released in June 2021. Don announced his relationship with Kali a month later, on Friday, July 23. The vocalist told W Magazine, “We’re not crazy public or anything, we just vibe.” Don also discussed their music video shoot in Colombia, saying, “I had previously planned to travel there and film a video with her in it, to make it a real-life situation.”

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On June 12, 2022, Kali acknowledged Don’s birthday on social media. On Instagram, she posted a photo of the couple with the caption, “Happy birthday, baby!” “May the blessings multiply each year, and may you continue to be divinely guided through everything. The day your love entered my life, I give thanks to God.” Don answered simply, “Love You!” to Kali’s remark in the comments section.

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Fans who were unaware of the couple’s relationship took to the Internet to express their surprise. One admirer tweeted, “I had no idea Don Toliver and Kali Uchis were dating.” A second person tweeted, “Why am I only now learning kali uchis is dating don Toliver? What rock have I been living under?” “I was today’s age when I learned that Don Toliver and Kali Uchis had been dating for a short time,” remarked a third individual.

When Were Don Toliver And Kali Uchis First Linked Romantically?

Don and Kali are both well-established musicians, and the prospect of them collaborating has electrified a great number of fans.

After the 2021 release of Don’s single Drugs N Hella Melodies, it was claimed that the two were dating.

In the music video, he is seen bathing with Kali in a pink bubble bath. Fans couldn’t help but question whether or not their chemistry in the video was genuine.

The video left fans even more perplexed because neither actor had hinted at dating at the time. Even until recently, the majority of their admirers had no idea that they were dating.

Rapper Confirmed He Had A Girlfriend

Don released Drugs N Hella Melodies in June 2021 and declared his relationship with Kali less than a month later.

When questioned during an interview with W Magazine about the possibility of a relationship between him and Kali, the rapper did not hesitate.

The magazine revealed that Kali Uchis is in fact his girlfriend, accompanied with his statement: “We’re not crazily public or anything. We just vibe.”

According to reports, he met her family members in Colombia while filming the music video for their single.

Fans Are Just Now Becoming Aware Of Their Relationship

It is unknown what prompted today’s internet discussion about Kali and Don, but many fans have revealed on social media that they are only now aware that the two performers are dating.

Bye since I had no idea Kali Uchis and Don Toliver were dating?

“I must have been living under a rock since I only recently learned that Don Toliver and Kali Uchis are dating,” added another.

In addition to the previous tweets, another fan wrote: “Not me, I just learned that Don Toliver is dating Kali Uchis. Their most recent photograph was taken on my birthday a year ago.

Fans Are Just Now Becoming Aware Of Their Relationship
Fans Are Just Now Becoming Aware Of Their Relationship

In the opening slow-motion scenes of Don Toliver’s music video for his first single of 2021, What You Need, musician Kali Uchis appears praying before a cross in a candlelit cathedral. Before Toliver walks through a stable of horses, aerial pictures of the city of Medelln, Colombia, emerge on the screen. This May video reintroduced Toliver, a singer and songwriter known as Travis Scott’s protégé, to his millions of listeners and followers, many of whom had been longtime supporters.

Before releasing Heaven or Hell in March of 2018, Toliver was a rising celebrity in rap, having been featured on Travis Scott’s 2018 album Astroworld, signed to Scott’s label Cactus Jack, and appearing on tracks with Quavo and Offset of Migos, and Wiz Khalifa. (You may have heard his 2019 hit “No Idea” created by WondaGurl on TikTok, where it became a popular dance challenge.) Toliver has been somewhat silent on the solo music release front over the past year, instead releasing a feature song alongside Rico Nasty and Gucci Mane on Rico’s latest album Nightmare Vacation and performing on “Replace Me” by Big Sean and Nas.

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