Who is Dua Lipa Dating Now? Where Does She Stand in 2022, Single or Attached?

Who is Dua Lipa Dating: Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia tour boosted her popularity throughout the last year. The pop star has wowed every big city and is doing it all alone.
While her tour outfit has been a talking topic, her love life is undoubtedly greater. Lipa has built a career singing about love and heartbreak (including Bella Hadid’s brother). It seems natural that she’s had inspiration and muses to further her profession.
In honor of the breakup queen anthem singer, we’ve looked back at her exes

 Lipa Dua Biography

Dua Lipa, originally from England, is a singer and songwriter. Dua Lipa’s fortune is projected to be $35 million in 2022. Earning a living as a singer and composer is what allowed her to amass her fortune. 2018 BRIT Awards recipients included Dua, who won both the British Breakthrough Act and British Female Solo Artist prizes. Multiple nations throughout the world have certified one of her albums as platinum.

Dua’s career includes the songs “One Kiss” and “Electricity,” as well as the album Future Nostalgia, which she recorded during her Warner Bros. Records deal. Plus, she already has three Grammys to her name and is a lock for many more in the future. Several new records have been set by her already.

Dua Lipa entered the world on August 22, 1995, in London. Her parents were emigres from Pristina, FR Yugoslavia (nowadays Kosovo). Dukagjin Lipa, her father, is the main singer and marketing manager for the Kosovar rock band Oda. Anesa Lipa, her mother, is a travel agent.

Before her family relocated back to Kosovo in 2006, Dua spent some time studying at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Lipa was a student at Pristina’s Third Millennium School, where she was exposed to hip-hop and eventually developed an appreciation for the genre.

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Who is Dua Lipa Dating?

The “Levitating” singer is bringing back the Canadian tuxedo in style. The singer climbed inside a (theoretical) time machine for the 93rd gig of her Future Nostalgia tour, per her latest Instagram caption.

Dua Lipa is said to be dating comedian Trevor Noah. The singer stepped in front of a black curtain to show off her denim gown, which had a mermaid-style skirt, train, and bustier top with golden studs. Dua wore a denim shirt with two thin straps and a thick belt with a golden clasp and metal. OBSESSED.

Who is Dua Lipa Dating
This strapless denim dress was popularized by Britney Spears in 2001. Fans commented on Dua’s posts: “Britney’s effect ” and “Britney Katy dua.” Katy Perry also wore denim at the 2014 MTV Awards, like Britney.

Dua chose a massive, sparkling cross necklace with a bronze chain over Britney’s choker. Her eyeshadow contained glitter flecks. The singer wore brushed-up brown, a pink lip, and downward-flicked liquid liner. Dua had her straight hair in mermaid waves. Dua thinks more denim is (still) more. Britney, Katy, and Dua’s denim looks are below.

 Lipa Dua Relationship Timeline

Dua With Noah 

Trevor Noah and Dua were spotted holding hands and kissing outside a Jamaican restaurant in September 2022, sparking dating suspicions. Daily Mail observer: “They sat in a quiet corner of the eatery. They sat close together, indicating their attraction. They separated while kissing twice.” In October 2022, the comedian was a guest on Dua’s podcast, Dua Lipa: At Your Service.

He praised Dua’s kindness and generosity. You’ve always shone where everyone is. Charli XCX addressed the relationship allegations in an interview with Dua the same month. This is her first year without a boyfriend. It’s been great to focus on my own needs and goals.

Dua With Anwar Hadid

Dua and Anwar Hadid have been dating since early 2019. Music brought them together. Dua revealed their initial meeting at a BBQ and her following dive into his DMs on WWHL. “I have a confession to make…mine was my boyfriend,” she said. I’ve done it. Anwar, a promising artist, played some of his songs for Dua in early June, according to TMZ.

After three months of dating, Dexter and Gigi moved in together in New York and adopted a dog in August 2020, amid the pandemic. It’s the first relationship I’ve felt at peace in, she told Rolling Stone in 2021. “[We] get up about 9 or 9:30, bathe, get dressed, have breakfast, walk the dog, maybe do yoga, cook lunch, hang around, watch a movie, play with the animals.”

The US Sun reported in December 2021 that the pair, who “split up/got back together/broke up/got back together,” was in “crisis discussions” about their relationship, indicating things were less rosy than before.

According to a source, “the couple contemplated ending their relationship last month due to continual traveling and being apart.” “They’re having relationship problems.”

Dua With Isaac 

Dua and Isaac stayed friends, remember? They supposedly restarted their romance in May 2018.

The Sun shared a video showing Isaac grinding with a mystery lady while Dua’s song One Kiss played. Touring, she was. “I wouldn’t want you to think Dua is with someone who doesn’t love and respect her,” he said on Instagram. She refused. No kissing and I’m disappointed in myself for dancing considering how it was depicted. Dua is thrilled to be reunited. We spent 3 1/2 years blissfully together with devotion and affection, and we never split up because of that.

Dua tweeted: “Keep your friends and family near, believe your intuition, and go with your inclination.” The end felt near, but it wasn’t. Isaac joined Dua at the Grammys, where she won two honors. The couple parted in June 2019.

Source: The Sun “Dua and Isaac have struggled to see one other since reuniting,” a source added. They tried to make things work and were doing well, but she’s growing busier. “She’s about to release new music and has been touring nonstop for three years, so it’s been stressful…

It was a tough call, but they couldn’t make it work.

Dua With Paul 

Dua met Paul (of LANY) during London’s British Summertime Gig. They started dating and spent Christmas 2017 together.

Dua’s public romance lasted only five months. ‘Leave behind anything or everyone that worries your heart out,’ she added. Note to self: caring too much might stress your heart. Never change how you love and care for others, even if it gets you in trouble.’

Following her divorce from Paul, Dua reportedly contacted her ex-boyfriend Isaac Carew “Dua and Paul had fun together, but it didn’t work out. The breakup reminds her of Isaac, whom she broke up with last year.”

Dua with Isaac Carew

Dua and renowned chef and model Isaac Carew were originally linked in 2015, and they dated steadily for the next two years. They reportedly stayed friends after their breakup in February 2017.

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