Who Is Erica Schmidt: When Did She Marry Peter Dinklage?

Who Is Erica Schmidt? Peter Dinklage is no amateur when it comes to stardom. The Game of Thrones actor has been in a number of movies and television shows since his debut performance in The Station Agent in 2003, including the main role in Cyrano, the cinematic musical written by his wife, Erica Schmidt. So, Who Is Erica Schmidt?

Who Is Erica Schmidt

In 2005, the actor and Schmidt were married; they currently have two kids together. Schmidt’s career history is equally impressive as her husband’s, despite the fact that they kept their personal life private.

Who is Peter Dinklage’s wife, and what about her? After knowing Who Is Erica Schmidt find out everything there is to know about Erica Schmidt’s marriage, keep reading.

Erica Schmidt Is An Award-winning Playwright And Theater Director

Due to her work on Cyrano, Erica Schmidt is mostly known as a playwright, but she has also gained recognition as a talented director.

For her services to the theatre, dance, and film industries, she received the 2001 Robert and Gloria Hausman Theater Honor from the Princess Grace Foundation.

For her work on the 2019 all-female production of Mac Beth, she received nominations for the Lucille Lortel Award, the Drama Desk Award for best director, and the Drama Desk Award for outstanding revival.

Chashama and The Play Company, for which Schmidt received a Callaway Award nomination, were both directed by Schmidt (for which she won the New York International Fringe Festival Award for best direction). A Lucille Lortel Award was given to her for co-creating, co-writing, and directing the play Humor Abuse.

She values theatre more than many of her peers in our business, who view movies as the height of aesthetic success.

This is not entertainment; it is art.

In 2015, Dinklage stated to The Guardian, “It’s clear why she’s so powerful. Undoubtedly, she is the clan’s most inventive member. What keeps the lights on for me is doing television acting.

Dinklage And Erica Schmidt Met In New York City

Dinklage compared meeting Schmidt to the beginning of a “crazy, romantic movie.” Dinklage spoke about their fortuitous meeting in a 2021 interview with The New York Times, which took place at a friend’s apartment in New York City.

“That happened around 18 years ago. They’re walking the elephants through the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, someone at a friend’s house said. The elephants from the travelling circus were being brought in a long line through the streets of Manhattan as it began to snow.

“Dinklage thought back,” seemed like a line from a fantastic, dreamy, end-of-the-world, insane love movie. “See? My thoughts are constantly on movies. That sums up the situation; we met on the evening the elephants paraded through Manhattan.

Dinklage And Erica Schmidt Got married In Las Vegas

In 2005, Dinklage and Erica Schmidt fled to Sin City and got hitched there.

Dinklage And Erica Schmidt Got married In Las Vegas
Dinklage And Erica Schmidt Got married In Las Vegas

Dinklage stated to The New York Times in 2016 “for a worthy cause.” “We simply chose to carry it out while we were there. It had an air of seclusion. To ensure that no one will ever discover it, we have a VHS videocassette of the wedding stashed in a box near the heart of the planet.

Dinklage Thanked Erica Schmidt Following His Emmy victory

They don’t want to talk about their personal life. The actor still brags about his wife in interviews and award speeches despite this.

In his acceptance speech for the Emmy he received in 2018 for his depiction of Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, Dinklage made a special mention of Schmidt. Dinklage swiftly acknowledged that he did not thank his wife when he won an Emmy in 2015, but he made sure to do it this time. Erica, I appreciate your patience with me. I’m irritable, but I still love you.

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