Who Is Jason Oppenheim Dating? Is He Currently In A New Relation?

Who Is Jason Oppenheim Dating? Is He Currently In A New Relation? Those that love Selling Sunset would do anything to get their hands on more of it, and they’ll also try to watch it all in one sitting as soon as possible (is there any other way? the latest on Jason Oppenheim and Chrishelle’s Stause’s relationship.

The second became especially significant in 2021 when Oppenheim started dating his Sunset co-star Chrishell Stause. From the moment they made their relationship on Instagram official in July until its conclusion in December, followers were completely captivated by even the most mundane posts, tales, and sightings.

At the time, Oppenheim told his followers that Stause was “one of the nicest things that ever happened to him,” implying that the two had split amicably.

“Chrishell and I have broken up, but we are still the best of friends and will always have each other’s backs no matter what. My relationship with her was the happiest and most gratifying of my life. She was the best girlfriend anyone could ask for.”

Stause said in October 2021 that the two of them “weren’t each other’s sorts,” which may or may not have been the real reason for the breakup.

“He has always been a fiercely independent single man. That’s the complete antithesis of what I need. All of his girlfriends were young, attractive blonde models. In short, we were not each other’s type.”

Season five of Selling Sunset, which chronicled their five-month relationship, premiered in April 2022. In it, the underlying reason for their breakup was revealed to be that Stause wanted children but Oppenheim didn’t.

They were still on friendly terms after the relationship had ended, which leads us to our next query.

Can We Assume That Jason Oppenheim Is Coupled Up?

It seems that Oppenheim has moved on from his breakup and is dating again. He was seen on vacation with an unidentified woman in Greece in July 2022. Images of Oppenheim and the woman kissing and embracing while out shopping in Mykonos were obtained by the Daily Mail.

To top it all off, in August of 2022, Oppenheim and the mystery blonde made their red carpet debut, proving that their relationship is as strong as ever. Oppenheim and French model Marie-Lou made their relationship public by attending the Los Angeles premiere of Day Shift together and walking down the red carpet together. He even hinted that she would make an appearance in Selling Sunset season 6.

I really do. And Marie-Lou chimed in, “Yes, like a small scene,” when Oppenheim mentioned the topic to Entertainment Tonight.

A source told the magazine that the couple was “trying to keep things discreet,” despite the fact that their romance had been supposed to be nothing more than a holiday fling.

According to the same source, “he is pleased and doing well.”

Can We Assume That Jason Oppenheim Is Coupled Up?
Can We Assume That Jason Oppenheim Is Coupled Up?

After publicly confessing that he had a “difficult” time with his breakup from Stause, it appeared like Oppenheim had taken a sabbatical from dating (at least in public). In an April interview with Us Weekly, Oppenheim went on record gushing over Stause, further solidifying the director’s admiration for her.

To this day, I still love her. Always have and always will. There’s a lot of sadness since she’s such a wonderful woman.

A breakup, he said, is “much tougher than I imagined” and will “take a lot longer than I thought.”

Even Oppenheim’s co-stars have noticed how much he adores Stause, calling her a “game-changer” for the famous broker.

Still, Stause has moved on from G-Flip and is dating another Australian singer. The two are often seen together and frequently document their travels on social media.

It appears that everyone’s happy at the end for the Sunset actors.

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