Who Is Laverne Cox? Is She First Openly Transgender Person?

Who Is Laverne Cox? Is She First Openly Transgender Person? Actress Laverne Cox is a trailblazer in the movement to increase the visibility of transgender people.

Cox shot to stardom thanks to her part in “Orange Is the New Black,” for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award; yet, her achievement was forty years in the making.

She was born and reared in Mobile, Alabama, but after experiencing harassment because of the way she expressed her gender as a child, she relocated to Indiana after high school and then finally settled in New York.

During his time at college, Cox made the decision to pivot his life toward a profession in the performing arts.

She had an appearance on the VH1 shows “I Want to Work for Diddy” and “TRANSform Me” when she was in her 20s.

Soon after, Cox became the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a primetime Emmy for her work in “Orange Is the New Black,” which helped her play a larger role in the emergence of trans visibility in the media.

Playing Her relationship with Sophia Burset catapulted her into the public eye in a significant way. She made history by appearing on the covers of Cosmopolitan and TIME magazines as the first transgender person to do so openly.

Cox has made it a priority to use her platform to investigate how transgender people are portrayed in many forms of media.

In 2014, she made news with her interview on the talk show Katie Couric, during which she criticized the “preoccupation” of the media with surgery in relation to transgender individuals.

Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox

In the year 2020, she appeared in the film “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen,” which she also executive produced. As a continuation of the work that Cox has been doing to improve trans representation on both sides of the camera, the documentary examined the effects that transgender characters in movies have had on the community.

  • Laverne Cox is an Emmy-nominated actress and trans rights, activist.
  • She is best known for her role as Sophia Burset on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black.
  • Cox helped bring the trans rights movement to the forefront thanks to her iconic 2014 Time magazine cover, titled “The Transgender Tipping Point.”
  • The 48-year-old actress is the executive producer of the new Netflix documentary Disclosure, which was released on June 19.

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