Who Is Malcolm McRae: Is He Dating Anya Taylor-Joy?

Who Is Malcolm McRae? Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae have been dating since 2021. The British-American actress, who earned a Golden Globe for her role in Netflix’s blockbuster 2020 drama The Queen’s Gambit, has maintained her star power with roles in movies including Last Night in Soho and The Northman. She even made her SNL hosting debut.

Who Is Malcolm McRae

As a result of her propensity for donning daring hues and silhouettes, according to famous stylist Law Roach, Taylor Joy is a crowd favourite both on camera and on the red carpet. Even more of a stir was made when Taylor Joy kissed her Malcolm McRae during the April 2022 premiere of The Northman.

She told British Vogue in the April issue, “I’ve finally met someone who will happily sit in silence with me reading,” It’s great that we’re both ancient and youthful at the same time.

The couple made one of their earliest public appearances together in March 2022 at the CAA pre-Oscar party in West Hollywood, California. The couple’s next red carpet appearance will be at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards in January of that year.

For her role in The Menu, Taylor Joy received a nomination for best actress in a musical or comedy, and she looked stunning in a yellow Dior two-piece.

But who is the gifted musician that has the Furiosa actress head over heels in love? Here is a thorough history of Malcolm McRae and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Malcolm McRae Performs With The Group More*

Kane Ritchotte, a former resident of Portugal, and Malcolm McRae. With The Man, McRae performs guitar, piano, and vocals as the duo More*. They released the EP “1/2” in July 2020, followed by “2/2” in September 2021.

Malcolm McRae stated in an interview with RAIN Magazine that the band spent three years perfecting their debut record. “Kane and I were both working on our individual solo projects, each of which had a variety of songs that we had composed and recorded.

When we came together, we realised how much fun writing songs together would be.

He gave a summary of the group’s history. After three years of work, we finally had eleven songs finished.

According to the band’s bio on Spotify, the singer left Alabama “two years ago” to pursue his love in California.

According to his biography, Malcolm McRae moved to Los Angeles after recently falling in love with a young woman. “In any event, his feelings weren’t rational. The phrase “failed relationships” sums up the issue perfectly. The music that followed, though, wasn’t acceptable.

Malcolm McRae Wrote A Song For Taylor Joy Two Days After They First Met

Malcolm McRae Wrote A Song For Taylor Joy Two Days After They First Met
Malcolm McRae Wrote A Song For Taylor Joy Two Days After They First Met

Malcolm McRae stated in an interview on March 11, 2022 that he had composed his new song, “Really Want to See You Again,” two days after meeting Taylor Joy. On Instagram, he posted a video of himself singing, “I know that I’m high now, but I’ve gotta get this out.”

I think there are some things we have in common, but I’m having trouble identifying them at the moment. Let’s say we eventually met. I want to act morally, but I also want it now, and I believe that’s what we both desire.

Taylor-joy was the first to Publicly Admit she was dating someone In April 2021

A few days after winning the Golden Globe for best actress in a miniseries or television film, Taylor Joy talked about her “boyfriend” in a restroom interview with Elle.

Without going into further detail, she said, “My partner just got back from work, and he’s shifting around all of his stuff, so here was the safe location.” A few weeks later, pictures of Taylor-Joy and McRae having sex in New York City appeared on Page Six.

While it is uncertain when they first started dating, Taylor Joy has spoken of a “devastating split” she experienced just before filming the Jane Austen adaptation Emma in March 2019.

“Prior to filming, I’d recently undergone a devastating breakup, and it had questioned everything,” she told Vanity Fair in April 2021. I felt completely unsafe and hazardous in my own skin, to put it simply.

In an interview with British Vogue, Taylor Joy claimed that she watched Sex and the City get over a painful breakup and even told Sarah Jessica Parker about it.

“I need you to know that I’m watching you and Big, and it’s giving me hope,” I moved over to her and said. “Taylor-Joy” says. She questioned, “That everything will turn out okay. That one day, when it’s all finished, I can start afresh, I said in response, “No!”

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