Who Is Rosalia Dating? Is She Still Together With Rauw Alejandro?

Who Is Rosalia Dating: Since the release of her single “Con Altura” in 2019, Rosala, who is also an actress, has been the subject of numerous dating rumors. Rosalia is a singer from Spain. The 29-year-old singer, songwriter, and actress has, despite the many headlines linking her to everyone from Bad Bunny to J Balvin, maintaining the confidentiality of her relationship status…

Rosalia Private Life

Her ancestry comes from both her Asturian father and her mother’s Catalan side. Her paternal grandparents were of Spanish and Galician descent. Her mother’s family was from Galicia.  Her Cuban great-grandfather was her paternal ancestor.  Catalan, Spanish, and English are all easily mastered by her.

In 2016, Rosala began a romantic relationship with C. Tangana, a Spanish rapper. They worked together vocally twice and contributed to the writing of eight of the eleven songs on Rosala’s sophomore album titled El Mal Querer. In May of 2018, they called it quits. Since that time, the couple has mentioned each other in a number of different contexts, including interviews, music videos, social media posts, and songs. A statement made by Tangana to the press in April 2020 stated that there “exists a good friendship between the two.”  In December 2020, they decided to stop following one another on social media after Tangana made some disparaging comments about her in an interview that was recorded for Rockdelux.

Rosala began a romantic relationship with Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro in March of 2020.

They paid €2.2 million in 2022 to acquire “La Morera,” a modernist house that had been constructed in 1905 on the outskirts of Manresa and had been designated as a cultural asset of interest to the local community.

 Rosalia Dating?

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Who Is Rosalia Dating? Is She With Rauw Alejandro?

Since her single “Con Altura” was released in 2019, Spanish singer and actress Rosala has been the focus of numerous dating rumors. Nevertheless, despite numerous reports linking her to people like J Balvin and Bad Bunny, the 29-year-old has kept her relationship status a secret until now. In an Instagram post, Rosalia revealed her relationship with Puerto Rican musician Rauw Alejandro. While playing video games, the pair celebrated her 29th birthday, and Rosala captioned the picture “Bliss.” Who is Rauw Alejandro, then? Here is all the information you require regarding Rosala’s new boyfriend.

The year 2017 marked the release of Rosalia’s first collection of traditional flamenco songs; however, she is most well known for her modern interpretations of flamenco music. Since that time, Rauw, whose real name is Ral Ocasio Ruiz, has been her most devoted supporter. After hearing about their connection, fans immediately took to social media to express how deeply they felt for Rosalia and how much they loved Rauw. In a tweet from 2018, which included several emoticons depicting a sideways glance,

He said, “RAUW X Rosalia,” and in a 2019 interview with MoluscoTV, he admitted, “I have a crush on Rosalia.”

“I’m not going to lie; for me, Rosalía is beautiful, the most beautiful person there is,” he said, before adding that he has been doing everything possible to get her attention. The couple did collaborate on a song together in 2020 as well, titled “Dile an Él,” which translates to “tell him.”

His feelings for Rosala were well known by 2020, but in an interview with Latin TV star Tony Dandrades, he gushed about her again. The fact that they are now engaged will prove that Rauw’s flattery was effective. In March of 2020, the two began sharing photos from the same residence, and astute viewers may have even spotted Rauw’s car in one of Rosala’s shots.

Nonetheless, Rosala and Rauw didn’t feel comfortable sharing the news with their followers on Instagram until September 2021. “Even if the sun goes down, with you, the day never stops,” Rauw captioned his first Instagram photo of Rosala. Their fans are going crazy over the PDA photos the couple has been posting online ever since.

Did She Date Bad Bunny?

When Bad Bunny commented, “Creo que me enamoré” on a photo of himself and Rosala on Instagram in 2019, many fans assumed the two singers were an item. Although rumors had circulated that Rosacea was dating Conejo Malo, she later denied the rumors, telling Entertainment Tonight, “He’s a friend. As a friend, he’s great.

After all, Bad Bunny and his supposed fiancée Gabriela Berlingheri are still a couple. In August of 2020, Gabriela Berlingheri released a video of herself dancing in a car, which quickly went viral. Many eyes were drawn to the large diamond on her left ring finger. The couple made their red carpet debut in September 2021, just days before Rosala posted her first photo with Rauw. It appears that the dating rumors surrounding Rosala and Rauw can be put to rest now that they are “official” on Instagram.

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