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Who Is RuPaul Married To: His Partner Prefers To Be Out Of The Spotlight

Who Is RuPaul Married To

Who Is RuPaul Married To

RuPaul is most known for his empire of Emmy-winning programs, including “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” but the well-known drag artist is also married. So, Who Is RuPaul Married To? Let’s find out in the next paragraph.

Who Is RuPaul Married To?

RuPaul has been dating his husband Georges LeBar since 1994. The long-term couple were legally married in 2017, although the television host seldom ever discusses his union with his wife. This is due to the fact that RuPaul’s husband is considerably more understated than his wife.

This marriage is a little different from most celebrity unions because one partner is a drag queen and reality TV host and the other is a rancher. It’s true what you just read. LeBar oversees a 60,000-acre ranch located in South Dakota and Wyoming.

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How Did RuPaul And Georges LeBar Meet?

In a 2017 interview with Entertainment Tonight, RuPaul detailed how he and the rancher, who was born in Australia, first connected on the dance floor of the Limelight nightclub in 1994 and explained why they eventually chose to get married. RuPaul remarked, “He was dancing like a crazy person.” “I approached and questioned, ‘What are you doing?'” You’re right; that was it.”

The reality show presenter continued by saying that LeBar and he got married as a result of the 2016 presidential election. We are committed to one another, he continued. “We don’t believe in formalities. We reasoned that we didn’t need to get married. But then, in light of what was going on in Washington and the rest of the world, we decided, what the heck? Let’s get going. We decided to do it because our businesses were at risk, therefore we did it for that reason.”

A tweet from PopSugar about the couple’s new stunning home in Beverly Hills.

In the end, the couple said their “I dos” in a private ceremony in Los Angeles, but RuPaul emphasized that getting a legal marriage certificate hasn’t affected their relationship in the slightest. He said, “That paper don’t mean nothing.” “Nothing can change your devotion to someone if you are committed to them. And after 23 years, hey, I recognize him. He is familiar with me. I cherish him. He is my favorite person I have ever met on the earth.”

The foundation of LeBar and RuPaul’s marriage is trust. LeBar prefers the ranch life, and RuPaul loves his Hollywood job, so they frequently spend time away, but they always make time for their romance. Additionally, they share a lavish Beverly Hills home that was recently highlighted in an Architectural Digest piece on May 16.

In a 2019 video interview with Vanity Fair, the reality TV personality discussed his open marriage and the reasons why it works for him and his hubby.

He stated, “I wouldn’t want to put limitations on the person I love the most on this globe. Hey, if you find something you can’t pass up and that will make you happy, do it. Because I truly believe that he loves me more than anything else in the world, I know this in my heart and soul more than anything else.”

LeBar doesn’t frequently walk the red carpet with her famous husband because he spends much of his time working on his ranch and away from Hollywood, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the occasions he has attended over the years. View the gallery above to see more of their cute photos.

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