Who Is Sarah Lynn Based On? 9 Saddest Things About Sarah Lynn

Sarah Himmelfarb (born in 1984, passed away in 2016) played Sarah Lynn, a recurrent character on BoJack Horseman. She played Sabrina, the Horse’s adoptive youngest daughter, on the 1990s sitcom Horsin’ Around and was a troubled pop star and former child actor. Who Is Sarah Lynn Based On?

She has the most screen time in the first three seasons, up until the episode. That’s Too Much, Man!, where she dies of a heroin overdose.

Season 6 focuses on the aftermath of Sarah Lynn’s death and BoJack’s involvement in it, making her death one of the central topics.

Who Is Sarah Lynn Based On?

Sabrina, played by Sarah Lynn, appears to be based on Michelle. When Sarah Lynn was ten years old, she, like the former, launched her own clothing brand.

Here Are 9 Saddest Things About Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn Was Friendless

Sarah Lynn is difficult to like in BoJack Horseman.

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Her recklessness made her seem greedy and cruel. She desperately wanted a friend, but people only came to her when they needed something. Her life without help was tragic.

BoJack Failed Her

Sarah Lynn’s father figure, BoJack, failed her. He gave her the famous “give people what they want” lecture when she was six. She started drinking vodka after BoJack left it on the Horsin’ Around set. BoJack urged Sarah Lynn to party and had sex with her as adults. He never considered that encouraging her was hurting Sarah Lynn.

He failed her after she fainted in the planetarium. He called 911 after 17 minutes. She may have survived if he had called earlier.

Sarah Lynn Disliked Fame & Fortune

Sarah Lynn’s mother wanted her to be a music sensation and actor. Before dying, she told BoJack she wanted to be an architect. Sarah Lynn, a misbehaving architect, displayed her knowledge throughout the show.

“Mommy didn’t do what she did to the Star Search producer so that you might be an architect,” her mother reminded her when she got cast for Horsin’ Around, making Sarah Lynn feel bad for having her own dreams.

People Used Her

Sarah Lynn was exploited, notably by her carers. First, her mother used her to achieve her own fame and fortune. Then BoJack.

Unless he needed anything, he never visited her. He visited her to ask her to guest star on The BoJack Horseman Show, which was failing. He called her to party and distract himself.

Sarah Lynn Was Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol

The series chronicled Sarah Lynn’s drug addiction. She got sober but didn’t quit because she was serious about quitting. Instead, she told BoJack she was sober since she heard that a long gap would make drugs and alcohol more acute when she took them again. She used drugs and alcohol to cope at a heartbreakingly young age.

Her Childhood Was Isolated

Sarah Lynn’s childhood wasn’t “typical” because she starred in one of the 1990s’ most successful comedies at a young age. She was homeschooled and worked so much that she had no opportunity to mingle with other youngsters. She lived completely alone.

Sarah Lynn Was Sexually Abused By Her Stepfather

Her bear-photographer stepfather home-schooled her. He also hinted at sexual abuse. In “Still Broken,” Sarah Lynn says she tasted bear fur.

Sarah Lynn’s stepfather’s activities may have gone unnoticed because her mother never exhibited any real concern for her daughter.

She Needed Acceptance

Sarah Lynn was used but couldn’t defend herself. Sarah Lynn craved love, acceptance, and recognition. She desperately needed approval. She simply wore her T-shirt for money. Money didn’t drive her. She was grateful someone cared.

Paparazzi Followed Her

Sarah Lynn’s portrayal illustrates fame’s drawbacks. She lived in a huge mansion, but she had no privacy or control. She was annoyed by the paparazzi following her. In the episode “Prickly-Muffin,” she acted out due to the stress of being watched, causing various scandals.

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