Who is Saweetie Dating: Who Has Saweetie Dated in the Past?

Who is Saweetie Dating: Saweetie, whose real name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, is a well-known rapper, a member of the group known as “ICY GRL,” and the recipient of the Hustler of the Year award. She is the brains behind producing some of the songs that have quickly become your favorites, and she is just getting started. The musician has established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry in fewer than five years. She has been generating news not only for her hits but also for her connections with other notable figures.

In addition, she has been generating news for her connections with prominent figures. It has recently been speculated that Saweetie and a certain rapper are romantically involved, although it is unknown whether these rumors are true. Keep reading to learn more about Saweetie’s boyfriend, who he is, and everything we know about him.

Who is Saweetie Dating?

Saweetie is currently focusing all of her attention on her upcoming projects and her life in general. Hence she is not dating anyone at this time. She has moved on with her life and has been focusing on other things ever since she made public that she had broken up with the American rapper Quavo. In an interview with ENightlyPop, !’s Saweetie reacted to a question about her love life by saying that the pillows, the studio, and putting more money into her bank account were the answers.

The rapper provided this response in response to a question about her love life. Saweetie also gave some words of wisdom to the women in her audience, telling them that it takes a significant amount of time and effort to move on to a new relationship after the end of an old one. This piece of advice was directed toward the audience’s female members.

She has made returning to her authentic self and polishing her craft her primary goal; hence, she will not be unhappy if Cupid chases her down and kills her while honing her craft. She has focused on returning to her authentic self and honing her craft.

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Who is Saweetie?

Saweetie is the stage name American rapper Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper goes by in his professional life. She was born in Santa Clara, California, in the United States, on July 2, 1993. Her parents, Johnny Harper and Trinidad Valentin were her parents at the time of her birth. Saweetie is a native of the city of Sacramento in California. Saweetie began her secondary education at Merril F. West, located in Tracy, and continued it at Monterey Trail, located in Elk Grove, where she received her diploma.


After that, Saweetie completed her education at San Diego State University, where she majored in business and communications. Despite this, she continued her education at the University of Southern California, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications after transferring there. Saweetie started her career as a rap artist shortly after graduating high school.

Who Has Saweetie Dated in the Past?

Saweetie, a.k.a. Rapsody, was previously linked to Migos member and rapper Quavo. After a fight in an elevator sometime in 2020 escalated into physical violence, the couple formally broke up in March 2021. Saweetie announced her single status to the world via Twitter. There’s no one else in my life. Too much sorrow and treachery has occurred behind the scenes for a fake story to be circulating that demeans my reputation, she added.

Gifts don’t heal wounds, and it’s not true love if he’s sleeping with other women. “I physically left the building a long time ago, and I feel incredibly free and at peace now that I’m not tied down emotionally. She then tweeted, “Excited for this new chapter of ascension.” The Icy Girl singer was said to be dating NBA All-Star James Harden after he reportedly paid her $100,000 and a date request via CashApp following her breakup with Quavo.

After Snowfall star Damson Idris posted a video of Saweetie playing the piano on his Instagram Story in November 2021, rumors again circulated about her romantic life. Damson dubbed his teacher “Saweetie My Teacher.” Fans assumed they were dating after seeing the video, but they haven’t spoken publicly about their relationship.

Dating Rumours About Saweetie

Saweetie’s personal life has been under much strain due to the rumors surrounding her. On November 28, a picture of Saweetie sitting on the lap of an unidentified man was posted to Instagram, prompting many to speculate that the man was American rapper Lil Baby. A while later, Lil Baby himself confirmed on Twitter that he is still single and has not been in a relationship in quite some time.

In a video posted on November 8, 2021, Damson Idris also identified Saweetie as his teacher. A laugh can be heard near the picture’s finish, suggesting that the two shared a good chuckle by the end. It was taken as proof by many that the couple was already romantically linked.

Previously, on October 22, 2021, Sasweetie and Roddy Ricch were spotted sitting near one another in a match, prompting rumors of an undisclosed romance between the two. The rumors were finally put to rest on October 24, 2021, when she revealed that Saweetie had cautioned her against sitting in certain places should it be assumed that the three of you were dating.

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