Who Is Uncle Howdy: Randy Orton Is Making A Comeback As Uncle Howdy

WWE fans still don’t know who Uncle Howdy is, despite the fact that he has been a continuous part of Bray Wyatt’s presentation ever since the Eater of Worlds made his re-debut at Extreme Rules. When Wyatt first appeared on SmackDown, many viewers felt he was actually Bray playing a new, darker version of himself.

It’s like The Fiend had a makeover and comes out as a new movie. But now that Uncle Howdy has joined Wyatt in the ring and attacked him, it seems that may not be the case. While anything is conceivable in the wacky world of professional wrestling, Uncle Howdy and Bray Wyatt are undoubtedly two distinct people.

What this raises is the question of who, exactly, is hiding as Uncle Howdy. Recently, Fightful Select published research detailing the extensive measures WWE has taken to conceal their true identities. “When it comes to the identity of Uncle Howdy, WWE is keeping quiet.

Fightful has often asked who has played the part of the Bray Wyatt-dependent character. We’ve been told that this yet, the individual in the costume hasn’t removed it backstage in front of witnesses.” WrestleMania is an example of a time when WWE was able to keep a secret when it wanted to. Uncle Howdy’s true identity has not yet been revealed, leaving followers to rely on speculation and rumor.

Who Is Uncle Howdy?

The reasoning behind the belief that Uncle Howdy is actually Bray Wyatt’s brother Bo Dallas is unknown to the rest of the WWE Universe. Dallas was released from the business in April 2021, making it so that he hasn’t wrestled for them since November 2019.

Dallas, whose real name is Taylor Rotunda, hasn’t wrestled since being released, unlike several other former superstars who have gone on to join rival promotions like AEW or the indie circuit. Of course, that doesn’t completely disprove the possibility, but it does suggest that this is just a made-up story that caught on because of Reddit.

No signs have been dropped that Bo Dallas will be playing Uncle Howdy on the SmackDown program airing on January 6.

Although this new angle on Uncle Howdy could be entertaining, WWE could take the character in any number of other directions. It’s possible that Triple H and the scriptwriters haven’t decided who would play Wyatt just yet, so any random 6-foot-1 wrestler may go onstage, hit Wyatt with a Sister Abigail, and then disappear.

Even so, stranger things have happened. At the Royal Rumble later this month, fans may get their first look at Uncle Howdy. It could take a long time as the Sister Abigail revelation did. It will be interesting to watch who the audience thinks it is till Howdy removes his match.

The WWE fans have speculated about everyone from Brock Lesnar to Edge, but it looks like this time it will be someone completely unexpected. A tweet from Ryan Satin

Randy Orton Is Making A Comeback As Uncle Howdy

Randy Orton Is Making A Comeback As Uncle Howdy

A lot of websites have floated this amusing idea, with some viewers even noting that Uncle Howdy resembled Orton. There have been rumors that The Viper’s in-ring career has been put in jeopardy by a back ailment, but he could still play the part without really competing against Bray Wyatt.

Orton has a long history with Wyatt in each of his guises, and he even defeated The Fiend in a sense by burning him on fire. Even with their face/heel roles switched, it’s not out of the question that he may still find ways to cause trouble for Bray. Although this is highly unlikely to be accurate, it is nonetheless entertaining to think about.

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