Who Is Zoe Kravitz Dating? Is She Super Serious?

Who Is Zoe Kravitz Dating? Is She Super Serious? When it comes to her personal life, Zoe Kravitz may have a lot to thank Magic Mike for. Since the summer of 2021, the actress who portrays Catwoman in The Batman has been linked to actor Channing Tatum. Kravitz, the director of Pussy Island, has cast Tatum in the starring role.

Despite the fact that the two haven’t spoken publicly about their relationship, they’ve talked a lot about it in interviews. ‘Chan was my first pick,’ Kravitz said in a June 2021 interview with Deadline. It was evident to me that Magic Mike was a true feminist from his live presentations, and I wanted to collaborate with someone who was clearly interested in this subject matter.”

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In August, when they were first spotted together, Tatum “liked” many Kravitz fan pages on Instagram, according to reports. Here’s everything we know about Zo Kravitz and Channing Tatum’s romance, from their iconic paparazzi images to the foam footwear she persuaded him to quit wearing.

How Long Have Channing Tatum And Zoe Kravitz Been Together?

The first paparazzi images of Kravitz and Tatum were taken in New York City in August 2021. For the first time this summer, the couple went grocery shopping, strolled through Central Park, and had lunch together. Zoe Kravitz fan pages on Instagram were apparently followed by Tatum at the same time.

Tatum enlisted Kravitz’s longtime stylist Andrew Mukamal to dress him for the event, even though they walked the Met Gala red carpet separately in September 2021. However, Tatum stated in a recent interview with V Man Magazine that not only has his new flame influenced his style but that he and his friend Jonah Hill, who conducted the interview, have also offered him “some pretty specific style recommendations.” Despite the fact that the couple has yet to wear matching outfits, they dressed as characters from the 1976 film Taxi Driver for Halloween 2021.

How Long Have Channing Tatum And Zoe Kravitz Been Together
How Long Have Channing Tatum And Zoe Kravitz Been Together

If So, How Long Have The Two Of Them Been Together?

For now, there’s no hint that their purported romance will cool off anytime soon. When asked about her smile in paparazzi images with Tatum in March 2022, Kravitz simply said, “I’m pleased,” despite the fact that the two had yet to declare their supposed romance. Smiling and praising his acting, she said, “Magic Mike” star is an excellent actor.” “My first impression is that he is a feminist, especially after hearing him talk about Magic Mike and the live show. You need to be far enough away from this person or thing to make it less frightening. And I don’t think we’ve ever seen him portray a character that was gloomy. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.”

How Did Zoe Kravitz And Channing Tatum Meet?

Tatum and Kravitz first met onscreen in Kravitz’s directorial debut, Pussy Island, in which they both played characters in The Lego Batman Movie of 2017. Actor Channing Tatum tells Deadline that he was “shocked” when he was cast in the thriller flick. As far as I know, I’ve never met her. The fact that she wanted to direct High Fidelity wasn’t news to me; I’d seen her in a few films and knew she produced it. Why are you thinking about me in relation to this? I was surprised by the unexpectedness of the topic matter. No one ever gives me the opportunity to play a role like this; instead, they always direct me in a different direction and demand me to perform a specific action.

When Kravitz first met Tatum, she persuaded him to give up Crocs and instead wear a pair of high-heeled shoes. “When someone can simply come out and tell me I should not be wearing Crocs and is so adamant about it, she fully convinced me and I no longer wear Crocs,” he said to the source.

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