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Jerry Stone

I am the editor-in-chief of poptopnews.com with over 20 years of reporting experience. I have had a long interest in biology and human history, and Pop Top News is my small endeavor to report on studies that I find interesting.

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Jerry Stone

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    Karen Owens

    I'm a stay at home mom who writes for Pop Top News as a freelance writer. I thoroughly enjoy reading scientific research and reporting on it, so I am very happy to be here and contributing. I especially have an interest in archaeology.

    1093 Central Avenue, Union City NJ 07087

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      Antonio Elezra

      I have been living in the US for 12 years and graduated from Penn State University 3 years ago. I currently write for Pop Top News on a part-time basis.

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      Antonio Elezra

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        Steve Green

        Hi everyone I am Steve, I am a writer for Pop Top News covering studies on human history. Please reach out to me if you have any comments on articles I write here (email is best).

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        Steve Green

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