Why Did Max Break Up With Lucas? Why Lucas Receives An Apology From Max?

Why Did Max Break Up With Lucas? Why Lucas Receives An Apology From Max? The events of Season 3 are concluded nine months before the start of the first episode of Part 1 of Season 4 of Stranger Things, titled “The Hellfire Club.” The year is now 1986, and all of the prominent cast members are freshmen at their respective high schools. Mike and Dustin had recently become members of the “Hellfire Club” at their high school, which is a Dungeons and Dragons club run by a new character named Eddie Munson.

On the other side, Lucas has joined the basketball team, which almost immediately brings him a level of popularity that Mike and Dustin do not enjoy to the same extent. Max and her mother have chosen to stay in Hawkins in the wake of the tragedy of Hopper’s “death,” while Mike, Jonathan, Eleven, and Joyce have all relocated to the state of California.

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In the very first episode, Lucas happens to come to see Max in the hallway just as she is leaving the office of the guidance counselor. Following the murder of her brother, Billy, at the hands of the Mind Flayer, Max has been visiting a counselor to help her cope with the loss. Lucas admits that Max ended their relationship because she was going through a difficult time, but he still asks her to his championship basketball game. She responds with sarcasm, “Something must be wrong with me because I broke up with you.” When he asks whether there is something wrong, she says, “Yes, there must be something wrong.”

The two had a chat about how after Max’s brother died, she became “a ghost,” and Lucas says to her, “It’s like you’re not even here anymore.” Max, however, brushes off Lucas’s comments and opts not to attend his game, although she does listen to the game on the radio. After it is discovered that Max is under Vecna’s spell later in Season 4, Lucas receives an apology from Max, who in turn apologizes to Lucas for not being there for her when she needed him.

In the end, it is Lucas who is able to save Max from the curse that was placed on her by Vecna. He does this by assisting Max in playing her favorite Kate Bush cassette tape, which ends up saving her life. Following her miraculous recovery, the two appear to be working on mending the rifts in their relationship; Lucas even admits that he “lost her laugh.”

Did Max Break Up With Lucas?
Did Max Break Up With Lucas?

Sadie Sink discussed the relationship between Lucas and Max in an interview with Tulum, which is available on Netflix. “Max has always felt uneasy about [their connection], and that feeling hasn’t changed. Because I don’t believe anyone has ever shown such concern for her as Lucas does, and I don’t believe anyone has ever seen her the way he does. She has never cared about someone as much as she cares about Lucas, and she has never cared about anybody else at all. So either she is unable to make up her mind about it or she avoids it to some degree.”

Nevertheless, fans shouldn’t write out the possibility of a reunion just yet. Sadie also mentioned that the “push and pull” of Max and Lucas’ relationship continues throughout Season 4, so fans should keep their fingers crossed that when Part 2 arrives, they will be able to see a full reconciliation.

The first four seasons of “Stranger Things” are now available to stream in their entirety on Netflix.

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