Woman Claims Imposters Are Posing As Her Missing Daughter

Since Jordan Smith vanished from Rowan County two years ago, her family members have suspected that someone has been impersonating her in order to obtain financial gain.

According to Tracie Barbee of Concord, individuals are attempting to con her out of money by using the name of her daughter who has gone missing.

Barbee expressed her dismay by saying, “What’s really sad is that she was only asking for $200.” That individual was taken into custody by the police, but there were others.

A tweet from WSOCTV confirms the news.

“Like I said, it wasn’t the only one, but just the one that did get caught,” Barbee added. “Just the one that did get caught.” “I was successful in acquiring the telephone number.”

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Despite everything that has happened, members of the family are choosing to celebrate Mother’s Day with an optimistic attitude.

“I remember hugging her, telling her I loved her,” recalled Barbee.

Barbee has faith that the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s absence will work out for the best.

“We’re still praying for a good outcome,” she said. “Thank you for your prayers.”

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