Woo Wop Age And How Did He Become Famous?

Learn more about Woo Wop’s biography, including his age, birthday, height, family, wiki, net worth, and other interesting facts.

Who Is Woo Wop?

A well-known YouTuber is Woo Wop. He is a rising star on social media who shot to fame as a DuB Family YouTuber. In 2016, he was born in the United States to a famous YouTuber and vlogger family. His father and uncle in particular are hugely well-known YouTube stars.

As a result, when Woo Wop was a year old, his parents have been in charge of running his own channel. His channel may be seen on both Instagram, where he has nearly 605K followers, and YouTube, where he has about 321K subscribers (as of today, 14 may, 2023).

In the below tweet you can see how Woo Wop has a good sense of humor at such a young age.

Along with his father, he routinely takes part in a variety of projects and makes appearances on his family members’ channels and social media profiles. Woo Wop is a well-known young YouTube sensation who has a sizable global fan base despite his youth. Woo is a native of the USA. He frequently appears alongside Kennedy Cymone on his YouTube channel.

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Woo Wop Age and Zodiac Sign

The 10th of January is Woo Wop’s birthday; he was born on a Sunday. Now he is seven years old. Woo was born under the sign of Capricorn, and Carnation and Snowdrop are his birth flowers.

Woo Wop Age and Zodiac Sign

Woo Wop’s Net Worth

The estimated range of Woo Wop’s net worth is $1 million to $5 million. Due to his main job as a YouTube Star, he has earned tremendous sums of money.

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