Yasuke Season 2: Everything You Need To Know!

On April 29, 2021, Netflix will premiere the first season of “Yasuke,” a unique animated series about the experiences of the protagonist, a historical person who will become the first African warrior. Thus, Yasuke arrived in Japan on July 25, 1579, from Africa, most likely Mozambique. He was a devoted servant of Japanese Daimy Lord Oda Nobunaga until 1582, when he was betrayed and murdered by one of his generals. Yasuke is reported to have fled into exile following that heinous incident, but the remainder of his story is unknown. “Yasuke” has a huge fan base, and many are anticipating additional installments. Here is everything we know about the second season of “Yasuke.”

Release Date for Yasuke Season 2

Netflix has not revealed any intentions for a second season of the animated series, which is understandable given that the entire first season was released on April 29.

However, there are a few promising signs, including the fact that the series may have been viewed by a large number of Netflix subscribers globally and that critics apparently enjoyed it.

LeSean Thomas, the series’ creator, also hinted at something big during an interview with Comicbook.com. There has been speculation that a second season may be ordered, but nothing has been verified. Fans should not expect anything new until late 2022, even if it is given the go-light.

Yasuke Season 1 Release Date 29 April 2021
Yasuke Season 1 End Date 29 April 2021
Yasuke Season 2 Expected Release Date Dec 2022

Yasuke Season 2 Expected Story

At the series’ conclusion, Yasuke confronted Daimyo’s cavalry, which was headed by his long-time adversary Mitsuhide, called The Dark General. Throughout the season, we’ve witnessed the formation of a few alliances. Morisuke counseled Saki in the ethereal dimension, while Abraham’s former bounty hunters offer assistance to Yasuke.

Regrettably, there have also been a few horrific fatalities. Ishikawa and Nikita are killed in the process. Saki discovered how to harness the power of life in the heat of battle. When she returns to Yasuke to express her gratitude for murdering Daimyo, she realizes that he has also perished. On the other side, Saki’s tears and powers restored Yasuke’s life, laying the groundwork for his resurrection.

In the post-credit sequence, we saw Yasuke finally let go of the past. He pays his respects to his friend Natsumaru’s grave and hands over her sword to her brother. Season 1 of the animated series neatly concluded the tale; hence, the second season will almost certainly focus on a new adventure for our hero.

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Characters from Yasuke Season 2

The voice of the titular character, LaKeith Stanfield, would almost certainly resume for a season 2, but the fate of all the other voice talent would’ve been determined by the storyline of ‘Yasuke’ season 2.

Despite the fact that “Yasuke” features dubbing in a wide range of languages, like German, Spanish, French, and, obviously, Japanese, the initial language is in English. Oscar nominee LaKeith Stanfield voices the title character, alongside Takehiro Hira as Oda Nobunaga, Maya Tanida plays Saki, Ming-Na Wen portrays Natsumaru, Don Donahue as such wicked Abraham, and Paul Nakauchi only as doctor Morisuke.

Based on the plot, the second season will most probably contain a number of recurring characters. Stanfield will, of course, reprise his role as Yasuke, while Tanida’s Saki is almost certain to come back soon. Nobunaga, Natsumaru, and the Daimyo, a sorceress and is one of the series’s primary antagonists, portrayed by Amy Hill, are among the protagonists who die in Season 1 of “Yasuke.” In an anime, anything might happen, but these personalities are unlikely to come back in Season 2.

However, an African man named Yasuke transitioned from serving Jesuit missionaries during the Nanban trade to becoming a warrior and servant in the service of Lord Oda Nobunaga in a parallel reality in which 16th-century feudal Japan is recreated using magic and advanced technologies. He saw the defeat of Nobunaga’s soldiers at Honn-Ji Temple in 1582 against the army of the Dark General, who served the demon warlord Yami no Daimy. After Nobunaga’s demise and the collapse of his warriors, Yami no Daimy takes complete control of the land.

Yasuke retired twenty years later as a lonely boatman named Yassan in a remote town, attempting to put his mythological past as a legendary ronin known as the “Black Samurai” behind him. He meets Ichika, a singer at a local bar, and decides to drive her and her daughter Saki, an unwell girl with unexplained magical skills, north to see a rare doctor who has the ability to heal Saki’s illness.

Yasuke is tasked with safeguarding Saki while grappling with his own history, dealing with Japan’s invaders, and coping with dark magical aspects as Yasuke and Saki find themselves in the midst of a struggle against the army of Yami no Daimy.

Yasuke Season 2 Cast
Yasuke Season 2 Cast

Where to Stream Yasuke Season 2 Online?

Netflix has the full series available for viewing. If season 2 is published, viewers will almost certainly watch it on Netflix as well.

Trailer for Yasuke’s Second Season

Due to the fact that a new season of ‘Yasuke’ has not been approved, the official season 2 trailer is presently unavailable. Meanwhile, the official Season 1 trailer can be found at the top of this post. If fans haven’t seen the animated series yet, they can catch up right now on Netflix.

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