Yve and Mohamed Still Together: or Both of Them Split Up in 2022?

Yve and Mohamed Still Together: Within the ninth season of 90 Day Fiance, Yve and Mohamed tied the knot. Things aren’t looking good for them after what happened in the Tell All. Could they still be a couple?

Some couples simply don’t stay together forever. Even if the divorce rate is on the decline in the United States, statistics show that half of all marriages here ultimately end in separation or divorce. It’s hardly shocking that not all of the couples on 90 Day Fiance end up together.

Our worst fears were realized throughout Season 9 when it became clear that Mohamed’s primary motivation was to obtain his Green Card. He insisted again and over again that all he needed was a Green Card. He attempted to make excuses for his lack of affection for Yve by saying he only wanted to see his mum more often. He even promised her that if need be, he would seek out a new sponsor.

After Mohamed’s texts with another lady surfaced on Reddit and other social media sites, we all waited for Yve to find out the truth. After the Tell All, all was revealed.

Are Yve and Mohamed Still Together?

As of June 2022, long after Mohamed’s text message controversy had died down, the pair was going strong. Yve had previously posted a photo of the pair making music in a recording studio.

I’ve told this dude some very intriguing things I’ve thought about and dreams I’ve had. She gushed in the post’s description, “He doesn’t roll his eyes, albeit some of these dreams may induce a small arch of his eyebrow.” To the surprise of many, this man is willing to back me up in any project I embark on. We couldn’t be more different from one another; our differences are enormous. These dissimilarities are what give our synchronicity, connection, and link so much depth.

Finally, the mother of one expressed gratitude to Mohamed for his “love and support, unweathered resilience,” and for being a part of this “amazing journey” with her. Responding to a viewer at the time, the New Mexican said, “I haven’t been keeping up with my social media but of course, we are continuing!” Although they used to be friends, Yve and Mohamed are no longer on speaking terms after the affair.

“Queens don’t compete with hoes,” Yve wrote on the day of August 2022 expose. She continued on another slide: “And… homewreckers. It’s them, it’s these!! Desperadoes came in the plural as well.

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Who Are Mohammed And Yve?

The names Mohammed and Yve have become synonymous with the participants that compete on the show that is known as “90 Day Fiance.” Mohammed now has 25 years of age and is from the nation of Egypt, which is located in Africa. Yve is currently 48 years old, which is 23 years older than Mohammed because she has lived an additional 23 years.

Yve has already changed into a man so that she can protect her child, Tharan. This was done for selfish reasons. Both Yve and Mohammed have expressed excitement at the prospect of starting a family with Mohammed as their partner. Both Mohammed and Yve use a fictitious name professionally; Mohammed is known as Mohamed Abdelhamid, while Yve is known as Yvette Arellano.

yve and mohamed still together

Yve is also known as Yve. Mohammed Abdelhamid is shown to be Yve, contrary to what was previously believed. After uprooting his family and moving them from Egypt to New Mexico, Mohammed had certain expectations of her, which led to a great deal of conflict between the two of them.

90 Day Fiance

The fact that 90 Day Fiance is a reality program means that the participants on the show are broadcast to viewers in several different nations. There is a sizeable population of non-American women who live outside of the United States who, to pay a brief visit to their prospective husbands who are residing in the United States, seek visas and are subsequently granted them.

After that, they gradually come to the understanding that they are forced to either get married or return to the place where they were raised.

Yve and Mohamed have both filed for divorce

This is the story of what occurred to Yve Arellano from 90 Days Fiancé when she divorced her Egyptian husband, Mohamed Abdelhamid, at the end of season nine. After meeting on the internet in 2019, Yve and Mohamed made their TLC debut. Because he was smitten with her bikini physique, Mohamed made his way into Yve’s Instagram direct messages. Yve applied for Mohamed’s K-1 visa soon after they were engaged in Egypt so that he might visit the United States.

After the relocation, though, Mohamed revealed a new side of himself. Because of his high expectations for Yve’s imitation of his mother, Mohamed urged her to be married quickly so that he could apply for his Green Card. He began contacting other women shortly after his wedding and finally accused Yve of abuse.

Allegedly scandalous texts between Mohamed and his girlfriend were posted online while Yve and Mohamed’s narrative was still airing. After the season 9 Tell-All, TLC validated the rumors. Following that, followers learned that Yve had been “arrested.” Her lawyer quickly accused Mohamed of plotting to avoid deportation by obtaining a U-visa in her name. On September 22 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Yve divorced Mohamed.

Since then, Yve, from 90 Day Fiancé, has been quite active on social media, while Mohamed has gone into social media hiding. Both her professional life and Instagram feed have been seeing recent activity. She’s releasing a line of products and will continue her role as Vice President of the New Mexico Society of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine for another year.

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