ZYZZ Cause Of Death: Heart Attack At The Age Of 22?

ZYZZ Cause Of Death: Heart Attack At The Age Of 22? Internet star is known as “Zyzz” who passed away on August 5, 2011, at the age of 22 after suffering a heart attack. In a sauna in Bangkok, the bodybuilder, whose true name was Aziz Shavershian, suffered a heart arrest and fell into cardiac arrest. According to the accounts that were found in the media, someone noticed the young man in an unconscious state and then decided to call for help. In spite of the efforts of the medical staff at Chulalongkorn Hospital, they were unable to bring him back to life after he had passed out.

Aziz Shavershian was a resident of the Sydney neighborhood of Eastwood, which is located to the northwest of the city of Sydney, Australia, when he passed away. After graduating from high school, he joined his brother at the local gym to start his new fitness routine. During his vacation in Thailand, where he was at the time, the incident took place.

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Zyzz’s death was attributed to an “undiagnosed heart ailment,” according to a postmortem study of his body. An enlarged heart, to be more precise. The 22-year-old had no idea he had a cardiac condition until it was too late.

He was born with a cardiac defect, according to numerous reports found on the internet. This, on the other hand, is incorrect because it implies that he was born with the problem. There were no public statements from Zyzz’s mother using the term “congenital” in her statement. In addition, the autopsy report does not provide this information.

Overall, it appears to be a misquote or a misunderstanding of the original. Either that or a writer took some “creative liberties” in recounting his demise. Or both. There were several warning signals that Aziz was in trouble in the months preceding up to his death. According to his parents, their son was having shortness of breath and high blood pressure. A swollen or overworked heart can manifest in several ways.

Did Zyzz Die Because Of Steroids?

The public assertion of Zyzz that he took steroids is false. They were mentioned by him in August 2008 on an online bodybuilding community. The 20-year-death old’s was attributed to steroid use, according to a witness named Tim “Sharky” Ward. When Zyzz visited Thailand, Ward described him as a “kid in a candy store.”

According to Said Shavershian, his older brother, “the pressure to look nice eventually got the best of him.” “Aside from the steroids, he was a beautiful guy,” the spokesperson for the stripper agency that employed him said. Heart attacks and strokes, among other illnesses, can result from the misuse of prescription medications, according to the NHS. Dilated cardiomyopathy can also be caused by this type of drug addiction.

All of the evidence points to the conclusion that Zyzz’s death could have been caused by his use of steroids. If he had an inherited heart issue, his use of synthetic substances is likely to have made it worse.

Did Zyzz Die Because Of Steroids?
Did Zyzz Die Because Of Steroids?

Isn’t There A Family History Of Heart Disease In His Immediate Family?

We don’t know whether Shavershian’s cardiac problems were hereditary or not, despite reports to the contrary. To put it another way, this is a rather ambiguous statement.

A sedentary or inactive lifestyle is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Smoking or eating a poor diet, for example, are examples of undesirable habits. Because of this, we are unable to determine whether or not the “heart abnormalities” were hereditary.

Many Others Were Inspired By Him.

It has been a long time since Zyzz gained a following on the Internet. With the help of motivational films that he posted online, he vowed to his fans that they would “all make it.” The scrawny high school boy who liked to play World of Warcraft before he became famous was him.

Inspires thousands of young guys, many of whom were inspired by his metamorphosis into a bodybuilder. They saw him as a model of what can be accomplished if one sets their mind to it. They identified with him because he stood for the kind of change they hoped to see in their own lives. They saw him as a future version of themselves.

On that Friday night in August of 2011, it all came to a tragic conclusion. More than a decade after his death, hundreds of people continue to be inspired by Zyzz. Hundreds of thousands of people have liked his TikTok videos. Young males of Generation Z, many of whom were still children when Zyzz died, have taken to the comment sections in droves.

One thing can be said with absolute certainty even if we do not know how he passed away or whether or not he made poor decisions in his life.

Zyzz established a legacy that continues to have an impact in modern times.

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