“Rocky” Actor Carl Weathers’ Cause of Death Has Been Officially Disclosed!

The actor Carl Weathers reportedly passed away peacefully in his sleep last week, and on Friday, the formal cause of death was announced. Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease was the cause of death for Weathers, who was much adored for his portrayal of Apollo Creed in the “Rocky” series, as revealed by his death certificate that The Blast received.

The 76-year-old, who had battled the cardiac issue for years, died at his home in Venice, California, shortly after midnight on February 2.
According to the death certificate, his son Matthew Weathers was the one who informed the authorities of his passing. Cremation followed.

His demise was revealed last week by his family. “Carl was an exceptional human being who lived an extraordinary life,” Weathers’ family said in a statement. His legacy lives on throughout the worlds of cinema, television, the arts, and sports, where his impact is felt by people of all ages. He was cherished by many as a sibling, parent, grandpa, business associate, and friend.

The career of Weathers, who was born in New Orleans in 1948, lasted for over 50 years in Hollywood. Even though he was great in “Happy Gilmore,” “The Mandalorian,” and “Predator,” his portrayal of the legendary fictional boxer Apollo Creed will live on in pop culture.

Carl Weathers cause of death

Weather played Apollo Creed in the 1976 film “Rocky,” then again in the 1979 sequel “Rocky II” and the 1982 third installment of the series. Although the character was fatally injured in the ring by Ivan Drogo (Dolph Lundgren) in 1985’s “Rocky IV,” Michael B. Jordan has brought the role to life once more in the past decade with his portrayal of Adonis, Apollo Creed’s son, in three “Creed” films.

As part of his extensive resume, Weathers voiced Combat Carl in the “Toy Story” films and appeared as a fictionalized version of himself on the TV show “Arrested Development.” “The Shield,” “Street Justice,” “Colony,” “Chicago P.D.” and “Brothers” were among Weathers’s other guest appearances on popular television series.

“The Mandalorian” was nominated for an Emmy in 2021 for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, because to his performance. In addition to “The Comebacks,” Weathers was famous for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” He was a football player at San Diego State University and a free agent signing with the Oakland Raiders in 1970 before making his big screen debut.

Over the course of two seasons with the NFL, he saw action in eight games while playing strong safety and linebacker. Weathers had been shooting a Super Bowl ad with Rob Gronkowski, a former Patriots tight end, just before he passed away. The ad will run during Sunday’s game.

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