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Nightmares May Be Beneficial, New Research Suggests

For decades people have been worrying about whether nightmares affect the quality of sleep that we get. For most people, though, we can be fairly sure that all dreams – even nightmares – are beneficial to the restorative function that has sleep. When we sleep, we pass through several stages: light sleep, deep sleep and […]

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Down Syndrome Could Be Treated In Pregnancy

A group of researchers at the University of Rutgers New Brunswick have used stem cells that can become other cells in the brain to develop 2 experimental models: one of them a live 3D model of the brain, and one a mouse brain model with human cells implanted. Their goal is to investigate early brain […]

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Study Reports On How The Thermostat In Your Office May Influence Productivity

A new study by the USC has come to an interesting conclusion: for women, the colder the temperature, the less productive women tend to be. The study found that women performed better doing mathematics or verbal tasks than men only when the temperature was higher, and the higher the temperature was, the better women did. […]

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Study Finds Dog Owners Live Longer

Dogs have always been considered to be a man’s best friend – but can they help you to live longer as well? A study conducted in Sweden may have the answer. Based on national registries of more than 3.4 million people between 40 and 80, they found that dog owners have a significantly lower risk […]

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Bacteria Is Helpful Late In Pregnancy, Study Finds

A study from Bar-Ilan University, led by Omry Koren and Yoram LouzonĀ and published in Cell Reports, has discovered that bacteria that make up our microbiome are able to perceive pregnancy and understand the need to move on and help the baby break down sugar in breast milk. Previous research had found that microbiome was responsible […]

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Study Examines Relationship Between Weights And Muscle

Many people have reported anecdotally that if they go to the gym over a long period of time, they gradually feel themselves getting stronger, but their muscles do not necessarily increase in size at the same time. According to a new study by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, there is a reason for that, and it […]

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Study Asks: What Athletes Will Suffer The Most In The 2020 Olympics?

Global warming is now resulting in higher and higher temperatures in our cities. And this does not just affect the physically weak: even the strongest among us, professional athletes, are affected by rising temperatures. Now, a new study published in Temperature by Taylor & Francis, is making predictions on what athletes will get the most […]

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