Party Down Season 4: Will It Be Renewed?

The third season of Party Down, a Starz comedy about Hollywood caterers, was eagerly awaited and met with positive reviews. The season has been commended for keeping the mood and chemistry of the first run.

Party Down has not yet been renewed for Season 5 by Starz. According to, the series’ co-creator John Enbom commented, “We’d love to do more.” Further episodes have the support of the cast as well. Yet much like viewers, they are aware of how long it took for Season 3 to be approved. Ryan Hansen told The New York Times that in 12 years, everyone would love Season 3.

Hope it doesn’t take too long then. From the returning cast member to the most likely production timetable, here is all you need to know about a potential Party Down Season 4.

Party Down Season 4 Release Date

According to a post made by Hansen at the time on Instagram, production on Party Down Season 3 was completed in March 2022. The final composition was premiered a year later. Hence, assuming Season 4 is approved and shooting soon, it may premiere in the spring of 2024. Let’s also wish for the best!

The challenging element is finding a time when the entire cast is available for filming. According to Scott in an interview with Collider, “getting the six weeks when this group of now-very busy people could all get together and do the program was a triumph in scheduling and engineering.”

Scott did, however, wrap things up well. That’s going to be challenging forever, but we’ve done it before, so we can do it again, he said. Even while I think everyone wants to do more, I think it’s somewhat out of our hands.

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Party Down Season 4 Probable Storyline

Speaking about Caplan, her character’s return would likely be the main plot development for Season 4. Casey’s successful career this time around served as justification for her absence, but success may be unpredictable on Party Down.

The Season 4 episodes will likely focus on more wild parties, even if Mullally claims that “the majority of these [characters] haven’t really improved, or they haven’t really been any happier, or more fulfilled in their lives.”

Cast Rumors For Party Down Season 4

The Party Down cast truly looks forward to their time together. Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Jane Lynch, Ryan Hansen, Megan Mullally, and Martin Starr from the original cast are all likely to return if the show is revived.

According to Starr, “This was the only show I’ve worked on where people came to work when they weren’t working.” Naturally, Jennifer Garner, Tyrel Jackson Williams, and Zo Chao joined for the group’s most recent outing.

Cast Rumors For Party Down Season 4
Cast Rumors For Party Down Season 4

One notable absence from Season 3 was Lizzy Caplan, who was unable to take part in the reunion season due to schedule conflicts with other projects. Nonetheless, she has declared that she plans to return for a potential Season 4. “You better believe I’m not missing that one,” she wrote in an email to the Times.

How Can You Watch Party Down?

Party Down will air on the Starz cable network. Live TV streaming is available as an add-on with services like YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and FuboTV. To view the program, download the Starz app. Older seasons are also available on Starz.

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