Vincenzo Season 2 Update: Who Is Returning For The Second Season?

Good crime stories are hard to get by these days, and the ones that are aren’t as long as you’d like. But Vincenzo, a brand-new Korean crime drama on Netflix, was the solution to all of our problems. One of the best binges in recent years was this tale of a troubled Italian lawyer. It featured 20 episodes that lasted more than an hour each, humor, and action.

But Vincenzo: Season 2 is no different from all excellent things in that they eventually come to an end or at least stop. The show was a huge success for Netflix and continues to rank among the most watched series each month, but its future is still in doubt.

The showrunners have expressed a desire to discover more about the cosmos, but they haven’t yet made plans for a second season. However, if you’re interested in learning more about the conceivable second season, here’s what we currently know.

Vincenzo Season 2 Update: Is There A Release Date For This?

There isn’t a release date for it. A second season has not yet been officially announced, despite the fact that the cast and script have discussed it frequently.

Despite not being as well-liked as Squid Game, the show consistently ranks towards the top of lists of the most popular K-dramas on Netflix and in general. Most of us assumed Vincenzo: Season 2 would have been released by now because the show finished more than two years ago. But it doesn’t appear that will occur any time soon.

It would take at least another year to finish production if the show was picked up again in the coming months. With the way things are going, the earliest Season 2 of Vincenzo could air on Netflix would be in late 2025.

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Update on the Cast of Vincenzo Season 2: Major Characters are Set to Return!

There will be many new cast members if Vincenzo: Season 2 is ever released. Let’s look at the folks who will undoubtedly return instead of trying to figure out who they are. Without the main character, Vincenzo cannot have a second season, so Song Joong-ki will at the very least need to reprise his role as Vincenzo Cassano.

Update on the Cast of Vincenzo Season 2: Major Characters are Set to Return!

Yoon Byung-hee will likely reprise her role as Nam Joo-sung, the Jipuragi Law Firm’s legal assistant, while Jeon Yeo-been will likely reprise her role as eccentric lawyer Hong Cha-young. Vincenzo: Season 2 might take us to new locations and introduce us to more difficult bad guys to defeat, but the program wouldn’t be the same without the characters from Geumga Plaza.

As a result, you can anticipate Choi Young-Joon returning as Cho Young-woon, Choi Deok-moon returning as Tak Hong-shik, Kim Hyung-mook returning as Toto, Lee Hang-na returning as Kwak Hee-soo, and all the other tenants returning in their respective roles.

It’s a shame that Vincenzo: Season 2 isn’t available yet because the first season included 20 episodes that lasted more than an hour each. That’s a lot of content, if we’re being completely honest. Let’s be content with what we now have and keep hope for a second season because other programs, like Alice in Borderland, don’t get that many episodes in two seasons.

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