Are Chance And Tayler Still Together: Have A Look Into Their Journey In Life After Lockup

In the pilot episode of “Love After Lockup,” Chance Pitt and Tayler George made their first appearance on television together as a fictitious version of a real-life couple. They were close right away, but as their relationship developed, Chance had to serve additional time in jail. He moved in with Tayler and her three young kids after completing his sentence.

Fans, however, had doubts about the couple’s compatibility from the beginning. Chance and his girlfriend struggled despite his best efforts, as portrayed in the spin-off series “Life After Lockup.” Now that the cameras are off, let’s see if Chance and Tayler are still together.

Are Chance And Tayler Still Together?

It may have been inevitable that Chance and Tayler would split up, but they were able to put their differences aside and reach a compromise. Their relationship developed as a result of their efforts to improve their communication and their decision to compromise.

Chance would want to keep his personal life quiet right now, although Tayler is highly active on social media and enjoys blogging about her family’s trips.

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Chance has undoubtedly become one of Tayler’s children, and she frequently updates her fans on their life. We’re delighted to inform that the pair is still together and give our best wishes to them and their future offspring; Tayler is also not scared to publicly demonstrate her support for her engagement.

The Journey Of Chance And Tayler In Life After Lockup

Chance and Tayler initially spoke to one another when Chance was serving a sentence for auto theft and burglary. Despite the fact that Chance had a bleak future and was a convicted felon, Tayler was drawn to him, and the two soon had intense affections for one another.

Surprisingly, they never let Chance’s remaining time in jail force a wedge between them, and they stayed true to one another the entire time he was in jail. Most viewers believed they would remain together forever after witnessing them grow closer.

The Journey Of Chance And Tayler In Life After Lockup

But after completing his sentence, Chance decided to move in with Tayler and her three children. Tayler’s sister Bobbie Lynn George was also living with them at the time, but Chance eventually ordered her to leave despite being aware of her drug issues. Soon after Chance had persuaded his fiancée to move her sister into the garage, Tayler was heartbroken to learn that Bobbie had relapsed.

The couple continued to quarrel frequently as Chance’s lack of financial literacy persisted. Under the pretense of raising their level of living for the two of them, he surreptitiously took out sizable loans and lavished on expensive gifts for himself, including a fully loaded sports automobile.

Tayler was now engaged to Chance, but she was never consulted when family decisions were made. Their relationship was strained as a result, and some viewers began to wonder whether Chance was abusive.

While there is no proof to back up Chance’s accusations of abuse, readers should be aware that he started to be wary of Tayler once he found out she was expecting. Chance was suspicious about Tayler’s paternity during her pregnancy and believed she was still in touch with some of her ex-boyfriends.

To Tayler’s dismay, he even requested that she take a paternity test; there was obviously no desire for the two of them to interact.

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