Black Knight Netflix Release Date: What Is The Storyline Behind It?

Netflix will release Black Knight, a Korean drama set in a grim future, in May 2023. With the potential to be another blockbuster hit, we can’t wait to see what Netflix has in store for us with Black Knight. This is all we know about Black Knight’s inaugural season.

The South Korean science fiction series Black Knight, which is based on Lee Yoon Kyun’s webcomic Taekbaegisa, is soon to make its Netflix debut. The series is directed by Cho Ui Seok, who previously penned Cold Eyes and Helmed Master.

Black Knight Netflix Release Date

The Netflix premiere of Black Knight has been scheduled for Friday, May 12, 2023.

Who Are The Black Knight Cast Members?

The actor Kim Woo Bin makes his Netflix debut. The well-known actress and model has been in films such as “The Heirs” and “School 2013.” He will also appear in the upcoming Korean drama Our Blues on Netflix. Esom’s first Netflix drama, Black Knight, is also her sixth overall since she began acting in 2010.

  • Kim Woo Bin
  • Esom
  • Song Seung Heon
  • Kang Yoo Seok
  • Kim Eui Sung

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What’s The Storyline Behind Black Knight?

Only 1% of the planet’s population survived the planet’s toxic air pollution by the year 2071. The survivors are divided into a new social structure where they are rigorously required to remain indoors and wear gas masks at all times because of the pollution.

The people rely on a group of devoted supply-delivery drivers known as The Knights to transport products and protect them from thieves.

What's The Storyline Behind Black Knight?`

Is There A Black Knight Trailer?

The first official trailer for the Korean drama Black Knight, which is currently available on Netflix, was released on April 11th, 2023.

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