Who was  Brian Dequincey Newman and What is Brian Dequincey Newman Cause of Death?

Famous American lawyer Brian DeQuincey Newman was also the son of the esteemed Judge Clifton Newman. His father just sentenced Alex Murdaugh to life in prison for a slew of murders, making him a public figure.

His famous judge father is named Newman Clifton, and his famous judge mother is named Patricia. Jocelyn Newman, his sister, is a judge on the circuit court, and he has two other sisters, Corwyn and Kellee, who intend to study engineering and mathematics, respectively.

On January 3, 2023, he left this world. At age 40, he passed away.

Brian Dequincey Newman Cause of Death

Several news sites have reported the recent death of Brian DeQuincey Newman, a former member of the city council in Columbia. I.S. Leevy-Johnson, speaking on behalf of the Newman family, said in a statement that Brian Newman died due to a heart-related incident.

Brian’s election made him the youngest member of that board in its entire existence.

Judge DeQuincey Newman: A Family Legacy of Law and Justice

Judge DeQuincey Newman A Family Legacy of Law and Justice

DeQuincey Newman, the 40-year-old judge, was the son of another judge, Clifton Newman, who also worked on the circuit court in South Carolina, and the brother of another judge, Jocelyn Newman, who also worked on the Supreme Court’s circuit court.

As if that weren’t enough, Reverend DeQuincey Newman, a South Carolina civil rights icon and Brian’s great-uncle, was Brian’s grandfather.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Brian Dequincey Newman’s Death

Who was  Brian Dequincey Newman?

Former Columbia, South Carolina, city councilor Brian Dequincey Newman came from a prominent legal and civil rights family.

How Old Was Brian Dequincey Newman?

When he went away, Brian Dequincey Newman had lived for 40 years.

When Did Brian Dequincey Newman Pass Away?

On the evening of Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at the age of 40, Brian DeQuincey Newman passed away.

Why did Brian Dequincey Newman pass away?

A heart attack took the life of Brian Newman.

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