Bumble Speed Dating, Bumble’s New Dating Game Inspired by “Ted Lasso”

IRL dating is becoming increasingly popular. After all, over a decade of swiping, voice notes, and ghosting on our little portable devices can grow tedious, and apps are starting to add real-life meet-ups to the dating experience.

Bumble does this. The woman-focused dating app’s IRL events for singles to drink, dine, and flirt are back for 2023. The app’s first London dating events begin on February 14 and run through March.

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Are you ready to speed date again, attractive singles? In the U.K., Bumble is piloting a speed dating tool where users can talk with strangers before matching and reading their profiles. Every twentysomething will complain about dating. With apps like Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble, meeting people has become slightly more manageable.

The approach is always the same: You see someone you like, throw them a cheesy one-liner, and have some useless back-and-forth until one of you gets brave enough to set up a date. With a new speed dating tool, Bumble looks to be returning to fundamentals.

According to TechCrunch, the new function lets people communicate for three minutes on a set night and time. Once satisfied, both parties can see each other’s images and continue talking while matched. TechCrunch screenshots depict Thursday at 7PM local time Speed Dating trials.

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Bumble Speed Dating

“At Bumble, we are continually experimenting with new and varied ways for our community to connect,” a spokesman told Gizmodo. “Like other tests, we will gather input before expanding it.”

Tinder introduced Blind Date earlier this year, matching users based on a questionnaire and allowing a short discussion. Bumble may fare better.

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Use All Three Minutes

Don’t lose hope if the conversation starts slowly. Spend three minutes getting to know the other player so you can decide whether you want to continue talking to them.

Don’t be afraid to change the subject or ask a follow-up question if you aren’t getting a response; it can take time to warm up, even in speed dating. Maybe two minutes in, they’ll have you in stitches even if you’re not laughing yet.

Keep an Open Mind

Since Bantr Live is new, keeping an open mind when interacting with other users is essential. If you’re open to the experience, you’ll have a better chance of connecting with the other person. Let the conversation develop, even if you don’t like their first line.

You shouldn’t dwell too much on your responses, either. You can maintain your credibility and pack as much interaction as possible into the time allotted.

Play the Question Game

Relax if you can’t think of a way to start a conversation. Bantr Live maintains access to the Question Game function first introduced in Bumble. You can either randomly select an icebreaker question from a pool of available options or enter your own.

Then, you and your partner must respond before either of your answers is revealed. Click the “Play Question Game” button above the input field to begin. An easy and enjoyable method to start chatting!

Have Some Opening Lines Ready

Pre-plan some standard opening sentences to send at the beginning of your chat to avoid wasting precious minutes. (As a friendly reminder, anyone can initiate a discussion on Bantr Live.) Ask a topic that doesn’t involve much thought from the other person, such as “What’s been the highlight of your week so far?”

Or “What’s your go-to karaoke song,” to start the conversation immediately. You can help the discourse forward by avoiding yes/no questions. If you need a jumpstart, check out our list of examples here.

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