Chef Jock Cause of De@th: What Exactly Happened To MasterChef Australia Judge?

Jock Zonfrillo, better known as Chef Jock, was a well-known figure in the culinary industry. He was well-known for his inventive culinary style and passion for Australian cuisine. His untimely passing on April 29, 2023, stunned and devastated many of his admirers and employees.

Although the cause of his passing has not been made public, his contributions to the culinary world as a chef, restaurant owner, and advocate for indigenous rights and culture will endure for some time to come.

Chef Jock Cause of De@th

On May 1, 2023, the first reports of Jock’s demise started to surface. Jock’s demise occurred under strange circumstances, according to BBC News. The Glasgow, Scotland native is said to have di*d “suddenly,” while the precise cause of de@th is unknown.

Police reportedly discovered Jock dead in his Melbourne, Australia, home. The cops found Jock’s body after making sure the host was okay. Regardless of how Jock was found, Melbourne’s Victoria Police station isn’t supposedly looking into his de@th as a “suspicious” case.

Chef Jock Cause of De@th

Before he passed away, the MasterChef Australia judge had opened up on a lot of Jock’s experiences, both positive and negative. In his book, Last Shot, he acknowledged that he developed a heroin addiction in his 20s before making a U-turn and embarking on a career in the culinary arts.

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Jock married several times in his later years. In January 2017, he made contact with Laura Fried, his third wife, on Twitter. On his Instagram page, Jock routinely posted images of the couple’s two children.

Masterchef Family Of Jock Zonfrillo Expresses Condolences

After his family issued a statement, many who knew Jock and had collaborated with him paid tribute to him on social media. Longtime MasterChef host and judge Gordon Ramsay wrote on Twitter in tribute to his fellow chef: “Saddened by the sad news… We had a great time working together on Australian MasterChef.”

The tweet from MasterChef Australia about the de@th of Jock.

Another member of the MasterChef family, Jamie Oliver, also expressed how much he will miss Jock. Under a picture of the adored host from MasterChef Australia Season 15 with Jock and other judges Melissa Leong and Andy Allen, the chef told up about his bereavement.

Jamie shared a photo on Instagram.

“I’m in complete shock after discovering [Jock’s] abrupt passing… For this year’s MasterChef, working together was a blast.”

Network 10, the show’s broadcaster, also left a statement on its Facebook page. The network lauded Jock and claimed that none of his “charisma, wicked sense of humor, generosity, passion and love for food and his family” could “be measured.” The statement closed by saying that no new episodes of MasterChef Australia would air the week of May 1, 2023, in memory of Jock.

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