Christine Tran Ferguson Son Cause of De@th: What Happened With 15-Month-Old Baby?

New York City socialite Christine Tran Ferguson recently broke the news on Instagram that she had lost her 15-month-old son. On July 20, 2023, the world was devastated by the news that Christine’s son, Asher, had passed tragically.

Here is the official post:

Christine was heartbroken, and she took to Instagram to share her pain with her fans.

Several photos of Christine Tran Ferguson’s son Asher were posted online. She revealed her child’s tragic de@th in the caption.

It said in her caption,

“You’re 15 months today my little angel 👼🏻 Mama and dada love you so much, you brought us so much joy, and made our family complete. I have never known how much love and happiness I could have until you came into our life. You are the smartest & happiest little boy I’ve ever known. You were going to do amazing things and change the world I just know it.”

Her heart is devastated and she will never know why this occurred to her, according to her message. The rest of the caption read:

“I’m still in shock, I just want to wake up from this unimaginable nightmare and have you back in my arms. Why is this happening to us, why Asher?? You did not deserve any of this. Losing you is the hardest experience mommy and daddy has ever had to endure. Everyday has been torture without you, this pain is unbearable.”

Two weeks ago, Christine Tran Ferguson posted an Instagram photo of her son Asher and the caption, “We just need some miracle to save him.” Asher was hospitalized to ICY at that time.

In case you haven’t heard of her, Christine is a well-known influencer on Instagram under the handle @tourdelust. Her posts typically feature destinations, motherhood, fashion, and the New York City lifestyle.

Mother Told About The Baby’s Condition

“The doctor told us he had the cord around his neck so when the contractions happened it would tighten around his neck which led to his heart rate dropping,” she explained at the time. “I’m just so glad our amazing doctors delivered him safely. It was awhile before I got to finally hold him once I was in the recovery room. I couldn’t believe it, he’s FINALLY HERE in my arms! I feel so blessed and lucky to be your mother and understand what everyone has told me. There is no love like this 🥹.”

Christine Tran Ferguson’s 15-Month-Old Died, Prompting Tributes

Christine’s fans were devastated when they learned that the influencer’s kid had died. Many others expressed their sympathy online. Many commenters on the article said that Asher was a bright spot in their lives and that they are at a loss for words after hearing the tragic news.

People give tribute through posted a tweet and writing So Heartbroken:

Tribute given by RosaryExtremist:

Another Fan gives tribute through posted a tweet:

Christine Tran Ferguson is quite popular, with over 527k Instagram followers and over 274k on TikTok alone.

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Tour De Lust Was Christine Tran Ferguson’s First Professional Endeavor

Tour De Lust Was Christine Tran Ferguson's First Professional Endeavor

Christine created Tour de Lust as a travel blog so that she could tell the world about her amazing experiences and provide useful travel advice for young people. However, as time went on, she began writing about every facet of her life on her blog.

She now blogs about her passion for travel-inspired style, interior design, and cosmetics. She boasts that she is a “New York-based boba + matcha lover.”

Christine is wed to Canadian Ryan Ferguson. Ryan had never left North America until he met her. However, when they finally did meet up, Christine managed to talk him into going to Italy with her.

Venice, Florence, Milan, and Cinque Terre were just a few of the spectacular destinations they visited. Their romance blossomed on the stunning Amalfi Coast during this trip.

Asher was born to Christine Tran Ferguson on April 20th, 2022. She wrote a moving essay at the time, explaining that her baby’s heart rate kept decreasing during labor, forcing her to have an emergency C-section.

She said the doctor found a cord around the newborn’s neck. Therefore, the chord would tighten around his neck every time mom went into labor, decreasing his pulse rate. Fortunately, the doctors performed a fantastic job of delivering him without incident.

It took some time after the C-section for her to be able to hold her newborn. She felt indescribable delight and couldn’t believe her baby was here when it did happen. She said she was his mother since she had never felt love like it.

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