Danny Bonaduce Net Worth: How Old is Danny Bonaduce?

In this post, we will take a look at Danny Bonaduce’s net worth, his life’s ups and downs, and the lessons we can draw from his remarkable journey to success.

Danny Bonaduce Net Worth

A former child actor, professional wrestler, and current TV and radio host in the United States, Danny Bonaduce is worth $5 million. “The Partridge Family” was Danny Bonaduce’s breakout performance, when he played the role of Danny Partridge.

Following his time as a TV celebrity, Bonaduce has dabbled in radio and wrestling, among other professions. Bonaduce appeared on “The Adam Carolla Show” in 2007 and went on to host his one-hour show, Broadcasting Bonaduce, on the Los Angeles-based KLSX station every day in 2008.

The station’s shift from a discussion format to a Top 40 format was announced in February 2009. Until the announcement that WYSP would go off the air in 2011, Bonaduce hosted the morning drive time on WYSP in Philadelphia, which he joined on November 10, 2008.

Conflicts in the Law

Bonaduce had multiple encounters with the police while he was in his early thirties. While trying to purchase cocaine in Florida in 1990, he was initially apprehended. Being in Florida to organize a children’s anti-drug event made Bonaduce’s arrest all the more awkward.

Bonaduce was taken into custody once again for robbery and battery a little over one year after his assault on prostitute Darius Barney. Among Barney’s injuries were a fractured nose and scrapes. Following his guilty plea, Bonaduce was ordered to pay for Barney’s medical expenses.

Survivor participants Jonny Fairplay and Bonaduce got into a public brawl later in Bonaduce’s life. Bonaduce pushed Fairplay over his head during the Fox Reality Awards when Fairplay jumped on him in an aggressive hug.

Unfortunately, Fairplay took a tumble and hurt himself in more ways than one. The following day, he filed criminal battery charges, but the authorities ultimately decided Bonaduce acted in self-defense, so they dismissed the charges.

Danny Bonaduce Real Estate

The Hollywood condo that Danny and his wife marketed for $1.05 million in March 2019 was sold. In 2007, they paid $825,000 for the condo.

A house in Los Feliz, California, which they own, has been on the market for $5 million on multiple occasions. The purchase price of that residence was $2.6 million. They made $1.5 million from the sale of their Seattle house in September 2023.

How Old is Danny Bonaduce?

How Old is Danny Bonaduce

The 63-year-old Danny Bonaduce was born in Broomall, Pennsylvania on August 13, 1959. It is worthwhile to highlight the accomplishments and landmarks Bonaduce has reached over the years, especially since there is an optimistic tone throughout.

Bonaduce has built a thriving career and solid reputation for himself in the entertainment sector despite the challenges he has overcome in his personal life.

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