Dennis Quaid Net Worth: From Jaws 3-D to Midway, the Actor’s Wealth Revealed

Dennis William Quaid is a well-known American actor. He has played both serious and humorous parts throughout his career. In the 1980s, he shot to stardom and has since acted in a number of films and television series. In 1975, he made his big screen debut in “Crazy Mama.”

Dennis Quaid Net Worth

American actor Dennis Quaid has a $30 million fortune. Randy Quaid’s younger brother is named Dennis. Frequency, The Parent Trap, Vantage Point, and Great Balls of Fire are just a few of Dennis’s most well-known works.

Dennis Quaid’s $7.4M NYC Condo

Have you ever thought about Quaid’s lifestyle, given his fame and success in the entertainment industry? You can stop wondering now. The $7.4 million condo Dennis Quaid formerly had on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is featured in this article.

Actor Dennis Quaid appeared in two films that year: Gang Related and Switchback. He also recently purchased an Upper East Side home. Quaid spent $3.1 million on the home acquisition. It appears that Quaid and Meg Ryan, a Hollywood power couple at the time, also raised their son Jack there.

However, after around four years of working together, Ryan and Quaid would part ways. The couple made a total of $6.75 million from the sale of the condo.

The apartment was taken off the market, but in 2023 it reappeared. Upper East Side real estate is on the market for $7.4 million at the moment. In addition, the new owner must pay $9,600 a month in maintenance fees.

How Many Times Did Dennis Quaid Get Married?

Quaid has three kids from his three marriages.

A former actress noted for her role as P.J. Soles in John Carpenter’s Halloween, Pamela Soles was his first wife.

The marriage between Quaid and Soles began in 1978 and ended in 1983.

His second marriage to Meg Ryan in 1991 was the most publicized of his life.

Jack Henry Quaid, their son, is an actor in The Boys, a show streaming on Amazon Prime.

In 2000, Quaid and Ryan began the divorce process, which was completed the following year.

Quaid married real estate agent Kimberly Buffington for the third time in 2004.

In 2007, the couple used a surrogate to have a set of fraternal twins.

Quaid and Buffington’s divorce, which he initially filed for in November 2012, was completed on April 27, 2018.

On June 2, 2020, he wed Laura Savoie for the fourth time.

Who is Laura Savoie?

Who is Laura Savoie

Savoie is originally from St. Louis, and she went to Pepperdine University to earn her bachelor’s degree in accounting. Her LinkedIn page states that not only did she earn her bachelor’s degree in three years, but she also graduated at the top of her class.

At Notre Dame, Savoie completed graduate coursework in accounting, financial reporting, and assurance services.

She was pursuing a doctorate degree at UT Austin when she and Quaid began dating.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Savoie earned her CPA certification in California in 2015. One year later, she passed the exam and got her license.

Savoie worked for Ernst & Young in Los Angeles as a member of the assurance team from 2015 to 2017, assisting clients in the “real estate, biopharmaceutical, retail consumer products, media and entertainment” industries.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Savoie is a certified yoga instructor in addition to her other professional pursuits.

Quaid is a devoted yoga student. According to an interview he gave to Men’s Health in 2018, he adjusted his workout program as he got older.

I decided to take up cycling, and that’s what I’m doing right now. Together with yoga. In addition, you should still make time to go to the weight room. Get in some sit-ups, he urged.

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