Dianne Feinstein Net Worth: How Does She Spend Her Money?

Politician Dianne Feinstein (born Dianne Goldman Berman) is from the United States. Feinstein has served as Senior United States Senator since 1992. She served as the board’s first female president in 1978.

After the deaths of Harvey Milk, the City Supervisor, and Mayor George Moscone, she was elected mayor. She held that position for the first time as a woman. We’ll examine Dianne Feinstein’s net worth and her path to it in more detail in this post.

Dianne Feinstein Net Worth

Dianne Feinstein net worth is expected to be about $90 million as of 2023. Richard Blum, her successful real estate developer and investment banker spouse, is the main source of her wealth. Blum’s net worth is estimated to be at $1 billion.

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How Does Dianne Feinstein Spend Her Money?

In 2001, Dianne and Richard invested more than $6 million in a house in the Spring Valley section of Washington, D.C. Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum invested $16.5 million in a 9,500-square-foot home in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights area in 2006. The five bedrooms, elevator, and wine cellar are included in the four-story home.

In 2007, Dianne and Richard paid $9.7 million for a 4.75-acre estate close to Lake Tahoe. The compound includes the 10,000 square foot main house with seven bedrooms. Dianne and Richard paid $46 million for this home in December 2020. They ultimately received $33 million in December 2021.

In 1996, Richard and Dianne paid $1.975 million for a 36-acre undeveloped plot of land in Aspen, Colorado. They spent millions of dollars on the construction of a 9,000 square foot, five bedroom estate that they named “Bear Paw Ranch” and finished in 1998. Dianne listed this home for sale for $29.9 million in July 2022.

Deborah Feinstein Early Years

Dianne Emiel Goldman was born in San Francisco on June 22nd, 1933. The daughter of Betty and Leon Goldman is named Goldman. Her paternal ancestors were Jewish immigrants from Poland.

Goldman served as a fellow at the Coro Foundation in San Francisco from 1955 to 1956. After serving until 1966, she was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969.

Career Of Dianne Feinstein

Harvey Milk’s body was discovered by Feinstein in his office following the shootings in 1978. She took on the duties of acting mayor. On December 4th, 1978, she took the oath of office as mayor after the Board of Supervisors approved her nomination.

Before winning the election and gaining office in 1992, she ran unsuccessfully for governor. She then became the first female senator in America and the senior senator of California. Feinstein has been re-elected to the position five times.

Career Of Dianne Feinstein
Career Of Dianne Feinstein

In the 2012 U.S. Senate race, she earned 7.75 million votes, smashing the previous mark. Feinstein ultimately won the “jungle primary” despite the California Democratic Party executive board choosing to back State Senator Kevin de León in the 2018 election rather than him.

During her time in the Senate, she sponsored more than 60 bills. She has served as the Senate Rules Committee’s chair, vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and head of the Senate Narcotics Caucus.

Deborah Feinstein Personal Life

In 1956, Dianne wed Jack Berman, who would subsequently be chosen to sit on the San Francisco Superior Court bench. The couple’s daughter Katherine was born in 1957, and she later became the presiding judge of the San Francisco Superior Court.

Dianne married physician Bertram Feinstein two years after Feinstein and Berman’s 1959 divorce. Tragically, Bertram succumbed to colon cancer in 1978. Feinstein’s third husband, investment banker Richard C. Blum, got hitched to her in 1980. They remained married till his dying in February 2022.

In January 2017, Dianne underwent surgery to have a synthetic cardiac pacemaker implanted. After Ginsburg’s death in September 2020, many Democratic senators and staffers questioned Feinstein’s ability to lead the opposition to Ginsburg’s potential replacement.

Dianne was referred to as “seriously struggling” in a December 2020 article by “The New Yorker,” which stated that “her short-term memory has grown so poor that she frequently forgets she has been briefed on a topic.”

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