Does Mariah Torres Have Cancer: Why Is Mariah Skinny on Pitbulls and Parolees?

American TV star and model Mariah Torres is a household name. Her big break came after she was featured on Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet. Mariah is also well-known as Tia Torres’s daughter.

Reality celebrity and American television star Tia Torres is a household name. After appearing in the American reality show Pit Bulls and Parolees, she became well-known. Tia is also the brains of the Villalobos Rescue Center, a safe haven for pit bulls.

Does Mariah Torres Have Cancer?

The majority of Mariah’s followers want to know if the singer has cancer. The cancer has not spread to Torres. The member of the popular TV program Pitbull and Parolees who just passed away from cancer has been widely misidentified as Mariah Carey.

Anthony Allen, who was just 29 years old when he passed suddenly on June 28, 2015, at 4:58 p.m. B. Keith Hunnicutt, Allen’s biological grandfather Juanita Allen, and Allen’s nephew Riley Merrifield all died before him.

Why is Mariah on Pitbulls and Parolees So Skinny?

Why is Mariah on Pitbulls and Parolees So Skinny

For the past six or seven years of the show’s thirteen-year run on Animal Planet, we’ve watched Mariah lose weight steadily. Her animal-loving followers are frightened because she has dropped so much weight.

“I don’t watch every episode of the reality series but I was shocked seeing Mariah’s appearance. She looks gaunt and pale. Did they say if she was getting chemo or something?” wondered one fan.

Another one quipped, “I will have to check the newer episodes; the last time I checked, I thought she looked very unhealthy, skin and bones. I wondered if she was on drugs.”

“I have been wondering this too. We do have a heroin epidemic in the United States. These girls are too young and should not look like this,” added another.

Although substance abuse and alcoholism may also cause significant weight loss, no one in the Torres family seems to have a problem with drugs or alcohol with the exception of Tia’s dependence on painkillers and Tania’s ex-husband Perry’s history with heroin addiction.

Truth be told, neither Mariah nor Tania have shown any signs of substance addiction on Animal Planet’s show.

Naturally, we have no idea what goes on in their private lives. But it would be wrong to assume that Mariah’s drug usage is the cause of her emaciation.

What is Pit Bulls and Parolees?

One of the most watched series on Animal Planet, a subsidiary of Discovery, was called Pit Bulls and Parolees. It aired for 19 years and was seen all around the world.

The Villalobos Rescue Center of Louisiana was the focus of the presentation.

the shelter takes in dogs of all kinds, but especially those of so-called “dangerous breeds” or “bully breeds,” such pit bull terriers.

The idea of the show is that the VRC rescues supposedly hazardous dog breeds, provides them with care and training, as well as shelter, food, and the opportunity to find new and permanent homes for them.

The rescue center hires ex-convicts who are trying to reenter society and support themselves financially after serving time in jail, hence the ‘Parolees’ portion of the name.

The show stars Tia Maria Torres, who created the show, her daughters Mariah and Tania, her adoptive sons Moe and Kanani, and Moe and Kanani’s wives Mariah (also known as M2) and Lizzie.

It premiered in 2009 and ended its tragic 19-season run in 2022.

However, it was wildly popular and accomplished a lot for animal welfare throughout its run on television.

Being a reality show, it also gives viewers a glimpse into the private lives of the contestants.

There were various tales in each episode, but they always ended with a dog being saved and later adopted by a loving family.

Parolees who are employed at the facility would also be promoted prominently.

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