American Comedian Donnie Baker Cause of De@th

Donnie Baker, better known by his stage name “Ronald Sexton,” was a popular American comedian and YouTuber. He passed suddenly on July 22, 2023. Donnie was shot in January, but he is now doing OK. Donnie Baker had a kind and welcoming demeanor, according to many who knew him. In light of the latest news, many fans are wondering what caused Donnie Baker’s death.

If you want to learn the specifics of what killed Donnie Baker, read on. Our hearts and prayers are with Donnie Baker’s loved ones at this time of loss.

Donnie Baker Cause of De@th

As of the time of this writing, no official cause of death has been determined for him. On July 22, 2023, a post from his verified Facebook account said, “He has passed away.

“It is with immense sadness that we let everyone know that Ron Sexton passed away yesterday. He was Donnie Baker to most of you, but Ron and Dad to us. Please respect our privacy at this time and pray for our family.
Tracey, Eric, Abigail, Alex, and Aliah
Jim and Ila”

We hope the best for him and his loved ones. We pray that God gives them the fortitude to bear the burden of their sorrow. The official cause of his death is still unknown.

Here is a tweet posted by KeP that gives tribute to Ron Sexton:

Who Was Donnie Baker?

Who Was Donnie Baker

Donnie Baker, a popular and nationally syndicated comedian, is noted for his jokes involving prank phone calls on the “Bob and Tom Show.”

With over 120 thousand social media followers, he promotes products and services for a wide range of companies.

His YouTube channel brings in a significant amount of money, with about 250 million followers and 57 million views per month.

Donnie Baker sells his yacht while he travels the country sharing anecdotes about it. Patty Ferguson and Angel Skinner, two of his exes, as well as his mother Phyllis, make frequent cameos in his story.

Known by his stage name, Donnie Baker, Ron Sexton is a lovable rogue who is “stuck in the eighties” and “would never admit defeat.” The phrase “State Law!” is commonly used. I’ll tell you to your face and I promise to God that it’s true.

Donnie Baker’s character is a spot-on imitation of a rural Kentuckian. Baker was created by Sexton in 2005 when he was already the voice of several characters on the popular Bob & Tom radio comedy show.

The now Florida-based Indiana native has been an integral part of the popular radio program since 2005, lending his voice to the characters of the scheming redneck Donnie Baker, the kindly old trucker Floyd the Trucker, and the manic road salesman Kenny Tarmac.

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It wasn’t until his friend and fellow comic Greg Hahn pointed out the opportunity cost of ignoring the listeners’ favorites in 2007 that the recurring characters were integrated into his stand-up routine.

Baker added Kenny Tarmac and Floyd the Trucker to his live show in 2011, following six years of traveling as only his most well-known on-air persona.

Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols were a comedy group that formed when Baker developed feelings for a made-up persona and released songs like “Not My Rubber” and “Okay to Drive.”

Sexton’s 2015 YouTube upload of “Missing Boat during Shark Week with Donnie Baker” has subsequently earned more than three million views.

Sexton elaborates on famous characters like Baker, demonstrating that he gave his imaginary pals the same level of consideration he claimed to have given them as a kid.

Baker says he based Donnie Baker on classmates from high school, but after seeing the play performed around the country, he saw how relatable the character was to audiences of various backgrounds.

Everyone who has ever worked with or attended school with him has met someone like Donnie, he says. Baker’s global fan base expands as he continues to play shows.

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