Henk Rogers Net Worth: How Did He Transform The Video Game Industry?

Henk Rogers is a prosperous businessman, investor, and video game creator. The Tetris Company, which owns the trademark license for Tetris, and Bullet-Proof Software, now known as Blue Planet Software, were founded by him.

He is also renowned for creating The Black Onyx, Japan’s first significant turn-based role-playing video game, for acquiring the distribution rights for Tetris on consoles where it became popular, and for creating The Black Onyx.

He was essential in resolving the licensing concerns that held up the Game Boy version of Tetris. He is currently the managing director of The Tetris Company. This article will examine Henk Rogers’ net worth in more detail.

Henk Rogers Net Worth

A $5 million estimate has been made for Henk Rogers net worth. The majority of his fortune comes from his employment by The Tetris Company and his ownership of other enterprises. In addition, Rogers made various real estate investments that increased his wealth.

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Henk Rogers’s Early Years

Rogers was conceived on December 24, 1953, in Amsterdam. Throughout his formative years in the Netherlands, he became interested in all games and puzzles. When Rogers was younger, he really liked playing with Legos.

He was about eleven when his entire family moved to New York in the middle of the 1960s. Rogers studied and received lessons in computer programming at Stuyvesant High School.

Yet as he was walking out of school, he realized that he had already learned everything he needed to know in order to complete his senior year.

He started his education in New York City and then transferred to the University of Hawaii to pursue his computer science coursework. He did not, however, graduate from the university with a degree.

How Did Henk Rogers Transform The Video Game Industry?

Rogers moved to Japan, the nation of his wife Akemi, in 1976 together with his family. For more than six years, he resided there while working for his father’s gem company. He subsequently developed a liking for technology and video games as a result of the globalization of personal computers.

How Did Henk Rogers Transform The Video Game Industry?

Henk eventually created The Black Onyx, the first big role-playing game ever created in Japan, as a result of his passion of video games. Then he founded Bullet-Proof Software, a publishing company.

He used it to promote his product design and then began traveling the world in search of new video games to sell and license. In 1989, he succeeded in securing the rights to Tetris after first discovering it in 1988.

Following that, he and Alexey Pajitnov established Tetrix Corporation. In addition, he served as the CEO and founder of Blue Lava Wireless for three years beginning in 2002. Rogers founded the Blue Planet Foundation, a non-profit organization, to increase public understanding of and support for renewable energy.

Hawaii is becoming the first state with a law requiring entirely renewable energy sources thanks to the foundation’s efforts. Henk also serves as the chairman of PISCES.

Also, he established the International MoonBase Alliance, which resulted in the creation of the 1,200 square foot HI-SEAS habitat, a Martian and lunar equivalent.

The Rogers biographical movie Tetris is based on the story of how he acquired the handheld Tetris video game rights from prominent Russian game developer Alexey Pajitnov. On March 31, 2023, the biopic movie debuted on Apple TV+.

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