I Am Legend 2 Release Date: How The Season 1 Ended?

More than a year has passed since I Am Legend 2’s development was revealed. Fans are wondering if the movie has been canceled or if it will release in 2023 or 2024 because there haven’t been many updates since then. Here is what is known about I Am Legend’s sequel, which many refer to as Chapter 2 or Part 2.

Will I Am Legend 2 Happen?

I Am Legend 2 will still take place. Director Akiva Goldsman stated earlier this year that Warner Bros. would continue to produce the second part in 2023.

What can fans anticipate from the second? According to Goldsman, it will “start a few decades after the first” and be “a little more faithful to the original text.” Naturally, he is referring to the original work by Richard Matheson, on which the films are based.

In addition, Goldsman claimed that he was “obsessed” with the video game The Last of Us, which depicts the world both immediately following the end of the world and 20–30 years later. It will be interesting to see if the influence of that video game series turned HBO drama is apparent when I Am Legend 2 hits theaters.

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I Am Legend 2 Release Date

The release date for I Am Legend 2 is still unclear as of this writing. There hasn’t been any information on the second’s filming, despite the fact that it is scheduled.

Many individuals believe that the project’s suspension was caused by Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, which sparked some amusing internet memes. Smith will reprise his role as Robert Neville. Together with Michael B. Jordan, who will also star in the film but in a role that hasn’t yet been announced, he will also co-produce the film.

How I Am Legend Ends?

The 2007 film “I Am Legend” has an alternate ending that differs significantly from the one that was broadcast in theaters. Both fans and critics have made a lot of comments on this conclusion. A different side of the Hemocytes, the infected beings, is revealed in the alternate conclusion, which is more in line with the spirit of Richard Matheson’s book.

The Hemocytes are proven to be intelligent and capable of being social organisms, not just a bunch of stupid freaks. In this conclusion, the Hemocytes’ Alpha Male issues a warning to Dr. Neville to retrieve the Alpha Female. This demonstrates the Alpha Male’s concern for others.

How I Am Legend Ends?

The alternate ending also features a new conclusion for the main character, Dr. Robert Neville. After discovering the treatment, he ends his life, but by handing it to another survivor named Anna, he rescues humanity. This conclusion is much more in line with how the novel concludes, where Neville, seeing that he has slain so many vampires, believes that the undead creatures are simply the next step in evolution and wants to murder him.

Neville is alive in the novel, but in the original theatrical cut he passes away as a hero after discovering a treatment for the virus, while the Hemocytes continue to be aggressive, stupid zombies.

The alternate ending was changed from the original conclusion since the test audience didn’t like it. Instead of the cracks in the glass door, a Darkseeker creates a butterfly in this ending with his own blood. Robert notices a butterfly tattoo on the Darkseeker’s neck.

Overall, the “I Am Legend” alternate ending differs significantly from the one that was broadcast in theaters. It presents an alternative perspective on hemocytes and is more accurate to Matheson’s book. Fans of the book and the movie concur that the alternate conclusion is a more satisfying approach to wrap up the narrative.

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