Is Kevin McCarthy Married: Does Kevin McCarthy Have Any Kids?

Kevin McCarthy and his wife Judy have been married since 1992. McCarthy is a Republican who represents California’s 23rd congressional district. Although Kevin McCarthy is a well-known figure in American politics, his wife is more typically kept in the background. We can learn some interesting things about Judy McCarthy if we investigate her life.

Is Kevin McCarthy Married?

Judy McCarthy has been Kevin McCarthy’s right-hand woman from the beginning of his political career.

After more than three decades of marriage, Kevin and Judy welcomed their children, Connor and Meghan, into the world. Judy has been there for her husband through thick and thin, but she has preferred to remain out of the limelight.

Judy told The Bakersfield Californian that her family experienced a “humbling” moment when he was elected House Majority Leader in 2014.

“We didn’t take it lightly. In one day, your responsibilities are greater, and it is humbling,” Judy said. “But someone had that office before Kevin, and someone will after. You keep your family first and don’t look at this as some glamor thing.”

“You have to have a servant heart,” she continued, “because you are serving; the people elected you to be a servant.”

Kevin was chosen as speaker of the United States House of Representatives in January 2023 after fifteen rounds of voting, but he was removed from office nine months later. In an unprecedented recall vote, Democrats voted with Republicans 216 to 210, removing Kevin from his position.

Republicans on the extreme right, who had been plotting to remove Kevin from office ever since his election, spearheaded the push to have him removed.

Does Kevin and Judy McCarthy Have Children?

Does Kevin and Judy McCarthy Have Children

The couple’s first child, a son named Connor McCarthy, was born in 1994, not long after they tied the knot. Meghan, their second daughter, was born two years after Judy gave birth.

For Connor’s academic success while he was a Georgetown University student, White House host Kevin extended invitations to several occasions, including the 2015 Japan state banquet.

“I had this engagement at the White House; would you like to attend? I took him out to dinner last night,” he told The Hill. “He has one more week of final exams left. I checked his assignment folder just to be sure.

Six years down the road, Kevin shared the happy news that his son tied the knot. The ex-Speaker shared the joyous occasion of his December 2020 wedding with the “love of his life” by posting a video of the ceremony to his Instagram.

“My son married the love of his life in December—and though the wedding was small, the love we have for them could not be bigger. ❤️,” he wrote in the caption. “I’m a very proud dad!”

Meghan was diagnosed with Lyme illness at a young age. The Bakersfield Californian interviewed Judy, who recounted her days of driving south to get therapy.

“She has had her battles, but she is so strong, and we are very fortunate,” stated Judy.

Connor and Meghan were there to cheer on their dad when he was elected Speaker of the House, joining Judy in her support.

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