Love is Blind Season 4 Couple ‘Jackie and Josh Break Up’: How Jackie’s Reaction to Editing in ‘Love Is Blind’?

Jackie Bonds startled viewers of Love Is Blind season 4 when she broke off her engagement to Marshall Glaze and married her pod mate, Josh Demas. Although Irina Solomonova was first viewed as the most despicable character in Love Is Blind Season 4, dental assistant Jackie gradually overtook her. Jackie and Josh appear to be doing well in 2023 despite Jackie’s tendency to stir up trouble.

Jackie was one of the most unexpected newcomers to season 4 of Love Is Blind. The initial decision she made was to pick Marshall over Josh. However, Jackie and Marshall soon struggled with a lack of sexual chemistry. Jackie was unable to communicate well since she had never been in a committed relationship.

At the reunion, she admitted that she had been seeing Josh for a year instead of Marshall because he was more assertive. Jackie and Josh, however, did not attend the live broadcast but instead called in through Zoom the day before. Jackie and Josh lucked out by being highlighted in the Love Is Blind: After the Altar episode.

Jackie and Josh Break Up

When we last saw Josh, he was pleading with Jackie to give their relationship a go. The last time we saw Jackie, Marshall had just left their apartment, and while she was uncertain about the future, she appeared to be ready to moving on with Josh.

Jackie and Josh weren’t followed by the program for the rest of the season, but some fans spotted them at a baseball game, so everyone assumes they’re dating in real life.

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The majority of fan reactions have been unfavorable, with many believing that Marshall deserved better than the nasty and hasty manner in which their relationship ended.

Josh and Jackie confirmed their relationship status in After the Altar. While playing flag football, Josh and Jackie even took the time to apologize to Marshall for their earlier behavior. However, that is not the final chapter in their saga.

Jackie’s pod mate Monica allegedly dated and became engaged to Josh, as reported by Insider. However, things did not work out, and the dramatic elements were removed from the play. Even though Monica didn’t say who she was engaged to on the post, Josh and Jackie were apparently furious that she blogged about it after the program. After a heated disagreement, it seems as though the pair can no longer speak to Monica on cordial terms.

However, a fresh (and probably last) update has been released. Jackie reportedly announced the breakup on Instagram Live two weeks after After the Altar. According to rumors, Jackie broke up with Josh because she spoke to his ex-girlfriend Monica against his desires.

Damn, I had all these ideas for the rest of my life with you, you know? I had a talk with someone and they said, “And then you just don’t even care,” and I was like, “That’s crazy.” — She told her devotees, “It don’t matter.”

‘Love is Blind’ Fans React on Twitter to Jackie and Josh

Let’s just say that when Jackie broke up with Marshall and had a brief fling with Josh, the internet had some comments regarding Josh’s decision to end his relationship with his significant other.

Jackie’s Reaction to Editing in ‘Love Is Blind’

Jackie posted an Instagram story in early April, a week before the reunion, in which she claimed that she had met up with Josh after she had ended things with Marshall and that Netflix had tampered with the timing to make it seem like she was cheating.

“It looks like I’m a cheater, and I am not a cheater,” she remarked during the reunion, clarifying a problem she had with the timeline fans saw throughout the fourth season.

Jackie's Reaction to Editing in 'Love Is Blind'

Jackie and Marshall may have had a falling out in the past, but they’re both committed to moving on. After the reunion, the controversy surrounding Jackie’s leaked messages regarding Marshall earlier this year died down for good.

“It was tasteless and disrespectful to speak about anyone that way. It was never a battle between Marshall and I,” Jackie wrote. “I am thankful that Vanessa Lachey allowed me to speak my peace and take accountability for my actions.”

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