John McAfee Cause of Death: The Mysterious Death In Jail

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John McAfee Cause of Death

John McAfee, the eccentric founder of the antivirus software corporation, was discovered dead from a suspected suicide in his prison cell in Barcelona, Spain, not long after that nation’s National Court authorized his extradition to the US to face criminal tax evasion accusations.

The Catalan Justice Department claimed that McAfee, 75, passed away shortly after the extradition decision was made, according to the Spanish publication El Mundo. Spain’s Catalonia area includes Barcelona.

According to McAfee’s Spanish attorney, the founder of McAfee Associates probably killed himself.

John McAfee Cause of Death

According to El Mundo, the Catalan Justice Department confirmed that the prison’s medical staff tried to revive him. McAfee was detained at the Catalonian prison Brians 2.

According to confirmation from our legal team in Spain, John was discovered deceased in his cell, according to McAfee’s Chicago attorney Nishay Sanan. I’m devastated by the news, and my prayers are with Janice, his wife.

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“John was and will always be remembered as a fighter,” stated Sanan. He made an effort to love our nation, but the US Government prevented him from doing so. They made an effort to remove him, but they failed.

McAfee had the option to contest his extradition, which eventually required the Cabinet of Spain to give its final consent.

But according to Javier Villalba, his Spanish attorney, he could no longer stand being imprisoned.

Villalba told Reuters, “This is the outcome of a harsh system that had no justification to lock this man in jail for so long.”

McAfee’s death while in custody is similar to that of Jeffrey Epstein, a multimillionaire investor and alleged child sex trafficker who passed away in a federal jail in Manhattan in August 2019 from what authorities have said was a suicide by hanging.

When McAfee was 15 years old, his own father, who had been described as an abusive drinker, is said to have committed himself by shooting himself.

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