Kung Fu Panda 4 Release Date: Who is Returning for Kung Fu Panda 4?

Although Shrek will always have our hearts, Kung Fu Panda is another excellent cartoon franchise from DreamWorks. We’ve been waiting a long time for the arrival of Kung Fu Panda 4, as it’s been seven years since we last saw the Dragon Warrior on the big screen. We need Po to return to us as soon as possible.

Thankfully, the Kung Fu Panda series will snap out of its unlucky slumber very soon. With a new outing for the underdog (underpanda?) hero, DreamWorks is following up on its finest animated flicks, and we can expect to see yet another animal antagonist added to our list of the best movie villains.

Let’s go to Master Shifu to find out everything there is to know about the biggest movie event of 2024, at least for people who enjoy martial arts and big animals.

Kung Fu Panda 4 Release Date

Hernán Viviano, a theatrical executive at Universal Pictures Brazil, stated in March 2023 via Exibidor that Kung Fu Panda 4 would be released in Brazil on March 8, 2024, the same date as its original U.S. premiere.

Concerns had been raised that the fourth edition of the franchise would be delayed as a result of the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strikes, so this guarantee is welcome.

The March release window for Kung Fu Panda 4 is crowded with other highly anticipated films. The animated film will face up against Dune: Part Two in its second weekend of release, while sharing its date of release with A Quiet Place: Day One.

What To Expect in Kung Fu Panda 4?

Kung Fu Panda 4’s March release date is looking good after assurances from Universal Pictures’ theatrical president Hernán Viviano.

The cast may or may not have finished recording their lines for the fourth movie. Once the actors’ strike is settled, it’s a fair bet that most, if not, all of them will be inside the recording booth to finish their performance for the movie.

In CinemaCon 2023 in April, per The Wrap, Jack Black drove the promotion of Kung Fu Panda 4, disclosing interesting tale insights and giving a tease of his performance as Po.

In the upcoming big-screen installment, Po will look for someone to replace him as Dragon Warrior.

While Po is on the lookout for a possible successor, he will also be locked in a perilous struggle with the villain known as the Chameleon, who can resurrect the spirits of his dead enemies.

Official artwork for the film revealed a new character, an anthropomorphic fox named Zhen, in September 2023. Zhen is thought to be Po’s replacement.

Kung Fu Panda 4 features an all-star cast led by Black, including Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen, Jackie Chan, and newcomer Awkwafina.

Who is Returning for Kung Fu Panda 4?

Who is Returning for Kung Fu Panda 4

In Kung Fu Panda 4, Jack Black will reprise his role as Po, the panda Dragon Warrior.

Given the centrality of the Furious Five to the films, we may also expect to see the rest of the A-list ensemble return in their animal forms.

It would be disappointing if Oogway didn’t return in some capacity in Kung Fu Panda 3, even if it was just to appear in flashbacks. That’s why we’re rooting for Randall Duk Kim to come back for another round.

Black’s new villain announcement at CinemaCon 2023 raises doubts regarding cameos from other characters. For more on the plot, keep reading, but it sounds like Po’s new antagonist, The Chameleon, will be able to resurrect old enemies like Ian McShane and Gary Oldman.

It was also reported that Mike Mitchell, whose past work includes some of the best kids movies, Sky High and The Lego Movie 2, as well as the not-so-brilliant Shrek Forever After, will direct.

The following actors are said to be in Kung Fu Panda 4:

  • Jack Black as Po
  • Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu
  • Angelina Jolie as Tigress
  • Seth Rogen as Mantis
  • Jackie Chan as Monkey
  • Lucy Lui as Viper
  • David Cross as Crane
  • Randall Duk Kim as Oogway
  • Ian McShane as Tai Lung

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