My Lovely Liar Episode 8 Release Date: Mark Your Calendars for More Intrigue and Romance

Fans of the captivating fantasy rom-com, “My Lovely Liar,” are in for a treat as Episode 8 is just around the corner, promising more twists, romance, and enigmatic encounters. If you’ve been keeping up with the intriguing storyline of Mok Sol Hee and her uncanny ability to detect lies, you won’t want to miss the upcoming episode.

In this article, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to know about the release date, time, and where to catch the latest episode.

A Recap of “My Lovely Liar”

“My Lovely Liar” revolves around the life of Mok Sol Hee, a young woman gifted with the unusual ability to discern when people are lying. Despite her unique skill, Sol Hee views it as a curse, as it makes it challenging for her to trust anyone completely.

The story takes an intriguing twist when she crosses paths with a murder suspect who claims innocence, yet struggles to convince others of the truth. Interestingly, he remains immune to Sol Hee’s lie-detecting ability. As the mystery unfolds, viewers are left wondering whether he truly holds the key to the case or if there’s more beneath the surface.

My Lovely Liar Episode 8 Release Date and Viewing Options

For fans eagerly awaiting the next episode of “My Lovely Liar,” the wait is almost over! Episode 8 is set to premiere on Tuesday, August 22nd, at approximately 8:50 PM (KST). The episode will be available for viewing on TVING and tvN in South Korea. International viewers can catch the excitement on popular platforms such as Viki and Viu in select regions.

Episodes of “My Lovely Liar” are typically released every Monday and Tuesday, providing viewers with a delightful dose of entertainment at around 3 PM (GMT). The upcoming episode is expected to run for a duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes, maintaining the consistent timeframe that fans have come to love.

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The Countdown to Season Finale

As we look forward to the release of Episode 8, it’s important to keep in mind that “My Lovely Liar” Season 1 is projected to comprise a total of 16 episodes. With the current release schedule of two episodes per week, viewers can anticipate 8 more captivating episodes after the upcoming installment.

Intrigue, romance, and unexpected revelations await as “My Lovely Liar” continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of fantasy and romantic comedy elements. Mark your calendars for August 22nd and get ready to dive back into the world of Sol Hee and her mysterious companion.


The release of “My Lovely Liar” Episode 8 is just around the corner, promising to deliver more of the captivating storyline that has captured the hearts of viewers. With its intriguing plot, charismatic characters, and ongoing mystery, the show continues to be a must-watch.

Make sure to tune in on August 22nd to catch all the drama, romance, and unexpected twists that “My Lovely Liar” has in store. Whether you’re in South Korea or watching from an international location, don’t miss out on this enchanting journey of love and deception.

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