Shock G Cause of Death: How Did The Digital Underground Legend Die?

On April 22, Shock G was discovered unconscious in his hotel room in Tampa, Florida. The 57-year-old was last seen by the hotel management, who claimed he was outside the structure the day before he passed away.

After Shock G missed his check-out time, the manager reportedly became worried and went to check on him in his hotel room. They discovered the 90s hip hop icon there sleeping unresponsively, and they summoned the cops right away.

Shock G Cause of Death

According to TMZ, Shock G passed away in April 2021 from a lethal combo of drugs and alcohol. The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office reported that the legendary member of the Digital Underground died from unintentional fentanyl, alcohol, and methamphetamine overdose.

At 2:20 PM EST, according to the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner, Shock G was declared dead at the motel.

Shock G Cause of Death

A memorial service was conducted for the rapper by Digital Underground and his family. Mopreme Shakur, the brother of Tupac Shakur, was also present. Shock G and the hip hop group gave Tupac his first stage.

Many of Shock G’s associates, colleagues, and admirers expressed their sorrow and praised his artistic influence once the news of his departure spread. Chopmaster J, a co-founder of the Digital Underground, responded to his loss in an Instagram post.

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“Almost exactly 34 years ago, we had the crazy idea that we could form a hip-hop group and conquer the globe… Through it all, the dream materialized, and for some, the reality turned into a nightmare. Now that he has awoken from his stardom, shock g, a.k.a. Humpty Hump, long live. Greg Jacobs, may you rest in peace.”

The administrators of Tupac’s official Twitter account also stated, “I have nothing but the warmest memories of my time spent with Shock G. Those were definitely some of my favorite moments in life. Shock G, RIP.”

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