The Best Anime Featuring A Superpowered Main Character

Recognize that you adore OP MCs. It may be really satisfying at times to watch one character trample enemies underfoot like grain in a field. It’s the kind of badassery you simply want to see over and over again, like TikTok highlights.

But there are times when being in control simply means dull. When the MC is already at the top, what purpose does the rest of the narrative serve? However, there are OP MC stories that simply succeed because of ridiculous or humorous ideas and antagonists that demand a satisfying beating down.

Do not be shocked that over half of the known characters on the list are isekai characters with potent cheats because the rise of isekai anime has resulted in more powerful MCs over the past ten years.

The Best Anime Featuring A Superpowered Main Character

So grab a seat and get your fix of OP goodness from these cherished animes with superhuman main characters that were simply too remarkable to line up among the rest of the pack.

Let’s start with someone so strong that he needs to instruct a group of assassins on how to commit suicide.

A yellow bipedal octopus known to the pupils of Kunugigaoka Junior High School as Koro-sensei wants to mold a bunch of outcasts into skilled teenage assassins who will stop him before taking control and destroying the planet.

In this sci-fi comedy with surprising turns, Koro-sensei’s antics and excellent teaching methods win over class 3-E, who gradually develop into admirable people.

Why Is The MC OP?

Before being caught, subjected to experiments, and converted into the infamous yellow tentacled monster, Koro-sensei was already a skilled assassin regarded as the first “Deity of Death.”

He had superhuman abilities such as super regeneration, genius-level intelligence, and ultra-accurate manipulation and change of his tentacles, among many more.

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Son Goku is everyone’s favorite power cliffer and is a perennial fixture on OP character lists. Son Goku is also the grandpa of OP anime. So much so that the question “Can he beat Goku, though?” has become the standard whenever a powerful protagonist is released.

But can they really?

The battles between Goku and the other characters rank among the best in anime. Although they aren’t as fast as the most of the guys on this list, they have a level of strength and destruction that is unmatched.

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