Tom Wilkinson Net Worth: A Storied Career in Film and Television!

American actor Thomas Geoffrey Wilkinson OBE was born in England on February 5, 1948, and passed away on December 30, 2023. Notable for his work on both the big and small screens, he was nominated for two Laurence Olivier Awards and two Oscars, and he won a Primetime Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA. He became an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) in 2005.

Tom Wilkinson Net Worth

Actor Tom Wilkinson was worth $6 million when he died. In February of 1948, Tom Wilkinson came into this world in Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. At the age of 75, he passed away on December 30, 2023.

The role that catapulted Tom Wilkinson to stardom in the ’90s was “In the Name of the Father” (1993), in which the actor demonstrated his talent for fleshing out multi-faceted characters. “Shakespeare in Love” (1998) further solidified Wilkinson’s prominence after he established worldwide stardom with “The Full Monty” (1997).

His breakout role in 2001’s “In the Bedroom” earned him a Best Actor nomination at the Academy Awards. Equally noteworthy are Wilkinson’s accomplishments in the realm of television, particularly his Emmy–winning performance as Benjamin Franklin in the 2008 miniseries “John Adams” (which was widely praised).

He was nominated for two Oscars and won two Screen Actors Guild awards in addition to a Golden Globe and a British Academy Film Award. In recognition of his contributions to the theatre, he was made an Officer of the British Empire in 2005.

Tom Wilkinson Net Worth

Tom Wilkinson Early Life

Tom Wilkinson came into this world in the English English Riding of Yorkshire town of Wharfedale on February 5, 1948. Following his time at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he earned a degree from the University of Kent.

While at school, Wilkinson’s passion for acting flourished. His love of the stage was further aroused throughout his time as an English and American literature major at the University of Kent. Wilkinson enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), a highly esteemed acting school in the UK, after realizing his deep passion in acting and deciding to make a career out of it.

Tom Wilkinson Film Career

Although Tom first appeared in a film in the late 1970s, his career truly blossomed in the ’90s. His performance as a dogged lawyer in “In the Name of the Father” (1993) brought him widespread acclaim and demonstrated his gift for giving nuanced characters depth.

For Wilkinson, his big break came in the ensemble cast of “The Full Monty” (1997). The success of this film catapulted him into the limelight on a global scale. “Shakespeare in Love” (1998), which he starred in and won the Best Picture Oscar for, was another example of his ability to switch gears between dramatic and comedic roles.

The 2001 film “In the Bedroom” featured Wilkinson, who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for his outstanding performance. He cemented his position as one of the best performers of his time with his profoundly emotional depiction of a father struggling with grief and vengeance.

Tom Wilkinson Television Career

Tom Wilkinson’s impact on television was substantial and parallel to his work in film. Beginning in the early 1980s, he appeared in British television programs and films, launching his career in television. But he became famous for his subsequent work on American television.

In his many television performances, Wilkinson shown his versatility by deftly navigating many genres and personas. His portrayal of Benjamin Franklin in the 2008 HBO miniseries “John Adams” was the real standout.

His talent to convincingly portray historical characters was on full display in this part, for which he was nominated for an Emmy. “The Kennedys” (2011) and “The Escape Artist” (2013) are two more notable television appearances that showcased his acting versatility and talent.

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