Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth: How Many Times Whoopi Goldberg Married?

Whoopi Goldberg, as an EGOT winner, has accomplished just about everything humanly possible.

Goldberg had a difficult childhood, struggling with dyslexia and substance abuse after her birth in New York City on November 13, 1955. She completed rehabilitation and wed her drug counselor, Alvin Martin, in 1973; the couple had a daughter, Alexandrea Martin, but later divorced in 1979.

In the late 1970s, Goldberg began her career in show business as a standup comic, where she became known as “Whoopi” due to her frequent (and, we assume, amusing) farts. You never have time to go to the restroom and lock the door when you’re performing on stage.

She explained to the New York Times that “if you get a little gassy, you’ve got to let it go.” “So then they’d say, ‘You’re like a whoopee cushion,'” I’d add. And from there we got the name.

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth

Whoopi Goldberg is a multi-talented American entertainer and activist who has amassed a net worth of $60 million throughout the years. From the mid-1980s through the 1990s, Whoopi’s film career was extremely fruitful. She has focused on hosting chat shows on television in recent years.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Contribution to “The View”

Goldberg has been the host of The View since 2007, making her a household name in the process. In 2016, it was reported that she made between $5 million and $6 million per year for hosting the daily chat program.

In 2019, she explained to The New York Times that The View is just “a job” for her by saying, “In a way, I am playing a part. My buddies and I are not having these talks. If they were, then we wouldn’t be doing things this way. Unlike what you see on TV, my friends and I are able to have in-depth conversations about a wide range of topics.

Despite her casual attitude toward her work, she has been recognized for her success with many nominations for Daytime Emmys and a win for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

How Many Times Whoopi Goldberg Married?

How Many Times Whoopi Goldberg Married

Whoopi Goldberg’s career took off with her breakthrough role as Celie in The Color Purple (1985), and she has subsequently acted in other successful films, such as Sister Act, Sister Act 2, and The Lion King.

Whoopi has had a lot of relationships, including three marriages that all ended in divorce, despite her successful profession. Whoopi has only been married three times, but she has had several previous relationships, including with Ted Danson (1992–1994) and Frank Langella (1996–2001).

Whoopi Goldberg has been married three times, but she told the New York Times in 2016 that she has only ever truly loved someone once.

She continued by saying that she was “not interested” in getting married. When I’m on my own, I’m a lot happier. I have no interest in settling down with someone, so we may spend as much or as little time together as we choose. Whoopi finally opened out about her fear of having strangers in her home.

Read on to get all the details of her three marriages.

Alvin Martin

When Whoopi was 18, she tied the knot with Alvin Martin. Whoopi and Alvin had their only child, a girl named Alex Martin, in 1973, not long after the couple tied the knot. They were married for six years until calling it quits in 1979.

Although Alex is Whoopi’s only child, she is now a grandma thanks to Alex’s three children with her husband Bernard Dean.

David Claessen

Seven years after her divorce from Alvin, Whoopi wed Dutch cinematographer David Claessen. After dating for two years and eventually getting married in 1986, David and Whoopi were frequently seen together at red-carpet events. In 1988, the couple officially separated.

Lyle Trachtenberg

Whoopi had three husbands total, and her last one was Lyle Trachtenberg. Whoopi and Lyle tied the knot in 1994, after she had been divorced from David for six years. Whoopi and Lyle’s divorce in 1995 came after a brief marriage.

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